I dont know how to handle this situation?

its been a month since i found out that the person i like has a girlfriend. usually, i would've forgotten the person really easily, bc i can't [couldnt] bring myself to like someone who's taken. but this time i can't understand what's different about him. i can't stop thinking about him, i dont want to forget his features, i wanna hear him talk. we barely know each other, so this is the weird thing, why do i like him this much? i would never and will never do anything to interfere with his relationship ofc, and i even feel ashamed bc i like him this much even though he has a girlfriend, but im just so confused... i dont understand whats so special about him, why do i constantly think about him even tho i always try not to? and its hurting me, knowing he's unreachable and i surely dont want anything to do with him while he's in a relationship
I dont know how to handle this situation?
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