Are somethings better left the way things are?

Same guy from the high school I went to. We would only make eye contact gazed at each other but never said a word to each other after a decade we came across each other at a restaurant a few friends of mine got together to hang out. Again same thing by accident we came across stared at each other not was side. Last time I saw him coincidence I was in the road stoping at a red light and guess who I saw same guy next to my truck but his direction was heading straight same thing we both stared at each other for a long time not a word was said then I had to make a turn. I went home with unanswered questions about this guy. I am good not shy when it comes to talking to people or starting a conversation but why has this always happens. My friend told me this guy is single at the moment.
Are somethings better left the way things are?
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