What does "Wow we have so much in common" mean, coming from an adult man who I met for the first time in person?

He and I (both college seniors) were coworkers in the same program/company, and he was very quiet. Never really talked in the group (group of coworkers) if he wasn't required to, or if wasn't addressed directly. A few months after the program ended, we went to a theme park together for a whole day (i was supposed to bring school friends but they couldn't make it), it was him, me, and his roommate (who was very afraid of roller coasters).

He was super friendly that day, asking me a lot of questions, and we seemed to feed off of each other's energies. NGL, he talked with me so much that sometimes I would notice his roommate lagging behind us, and not bothering to join in the convo. At one point in the night as we were resting, the three of us were talking when he said "wow we have so much in common". I didn't know what to make of that because I didn't expect him to say it out loud.

He also offered at the get-go to drive me home after the day is over (it's an hour drive from the theme park to my house, and my house is north of the park and his is south of the park. Which means it's another 2-ish hours back to his house. At least 3 hours of driving in total). As he dropped me off, he told me that if I had the chance, to go visit his city. I guess another thing to note is that he had invited me to play video games with his "bros" before, and even hinted at being willing to teach me if I wanted to learn. I'm just a bit confused as to what this all means, since he very rarely reaches out, and doesn't really text much. My gut tells me he is interested, but because I have slight interest in him as well, I'm afraid I'm clouding my own judgement. Help me out here!!!
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Clarification: His roommate was in the backseat of the car during the drive home

I also don't believe he's the type to just be thinking with his crotch, just from the things I know about him, and our professional interactions for 3 ish months
What does "Wow we have so much in common" mean, coming from an adult man who I met for the first time in person?
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