I like a guy at work but not sure if it’s mutual?


So I recently started a new job in a completely different industry for which I have no experience. I’m starting to get a soft spot for the guy who is teaching me the job. He’s actually 3 years younger than me. He seems nervous when we talk, he fidgets a lot and he sometimes looks away and doesn’t make eye contact. Or sometimes he will stare into my eyes when we talk. Once when it rained and we got sent outside because of the fire drill, he gave me his coat because I was soaked.

I’ve noticed a few odd things. The manager invited me to sit with her and him at break. He had his mask off and I had mine off and we made a lot of eye contact. Since then, he has purposely been sitting where we can’t make eye contact.

She invited me on a walk with him and her. He barely spoke to me the whole time and she had to keep interacting with me and him separately. Since then, I haven’t been invited.

At the staff Christmas party, he kept looking at me. Especially at the end, he looked at me as he came down the stairs (I was stood in a group) and then he came and stood opposite me and awkwardly stared at me.

What do you think is going on?
I like a guy at work but not sure if it’s mutual?
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