Why my male friend acting weird lately?

I have a male friend that I really like I feel comfortable when I talk to him. He's lives now in another city. We used to talk everyday he always start conversation and he's funny. when I don't reply he always text me again and ask about my day and how I feel he took good care of me always. one month he stopped messaging first so I start texting him and starting conversation sometimes he didn't reply he just send snaps (we talk on snap) even tho he doesn't reply i kept messaging him when I saw that i've been texting for 1week and he just send snaps without replying I stopped texting. 15 days ago he texted me and says "hi it's been a long time sorry i know it's my bad" I told him "it's ok and I asked him how is he doing and staff like this" again he didn't reply and just send snaps I texted him again n again no reply. In last Saturday he texted me again "hi it's been long time sorry for not replying I have a lot of friends to talk whit so I don't have time to check your messages so sorry it's my bad " I said "it's ok I understand" I texted him in Sunday but he doesn't reply again. I just want to know what's wrong whit him. My best friend told it seems like if he want to end our friendship and I should stop texting him do y'all think he want to end our friendship?
Why my male friend acting weird lately?
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