Do I make a move?

Okay so there’s this guy
he works at the local sushi place and everytime I go in without fail he just stares and the few times he’s taken my order he's been extremely smiley and chatty.
yesterday I went in and he was working with his group of friends. As soon as I came in all eyes were on me
he kept coming close to me and staring
anyways his friends were all huddled in the corner looking at me and talking and he was giving sneaky looks everytime he was by the till.
his friends kept going into the back and then I heard one of them go up to him and say “you know what she said”... I couldn’t hear anything after that.
he kept coming up behind me and walking extremely close. He also kept looking at me while he was walking into the kitchen and then quickly looked away when he noticed I saw him.
so I went back in to get my mom some food and his friend says to me “oh you hungry again”and then smirked. My crush was behind the break room but the door was shut to both the room and the kitchen so he wouldn’t have known. I took this comment the wrong way cause I was like tf. Anyway my friends all think he likes me cause when I get up he stares at my butt and my face of course and he puffs his chest out
makes his voice deeper (had this confirmed by three people)
he also cannot take his eyes off me.
BUT he has a girlfriend and I found him on Instagram and requested him but he didn’t accept me but accepted my friend who is engaged and not his type.
I don't know what to do cause he’s giving me really hot and cold signals rn
Do I make a move?
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