What happened to all of my shit?

Allow me to explain the whole situation. So when we got back home, I went in my room and noticed that my Pokémon Card book was facing the opposing direction. I look in there and notice two things. One, it feels significantly lighter. Two, some of my cards are missing. Three, there are some that I’ve never even seen before in terms of art. So I then go look in the new Card Book my brother just bought, and what a coincidence that all of my missing cards just happen to be in there. Same art, same rarity, same quality (appearance of age), and they are all came from sets that are least two years fucking old. He was and still is literally lying right in front of my fucking face. None of the cards he stole from me came from Evolving Skies which is the, if not one of the most recent sets. Also, don’t say this is stupid because it’s Pokémon cards. The point is he stole from and me and is lying about it. His order also came with a cards list and none of my cards are part of this set. Again, my cards are at least two years old in terms of when they were released to the public and set he bought came out in August of last year. This is the first time he’s ever been a bad liar. All the other times it took days for him to get exposed but I basically won the argument in less than 30 minutes. Dumbass cock sucking assface, nigga fuck around and Pink Eye. Because he’s a dirty ass Bee-zee-aye-eez-itch.
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Another thing, he said that some little whore stole his cards at school. It would only make sense for that to make him to want to steal from me, someone with a good amount of nice cards and someone he can get away with stealing from.
What happened to all of my shit?
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