This is probably a waste of time but decided to ask the question anyway?

At work there is this guy I like and I don't know if he's into me but I kind of doubt it. Well when I first noticed him, I used to check him out all the time and I think he knew. Maybe caught me looking at him a few times.

He never looked at me back. Then he was gone for like two weeks. When he came back I noticed that he looks at me a little more. Even my coworker pointed it out. Unless maybe it's just an ego boost for him knowing I'm into him.

It's hard to tell if he's actually looking or if it feels like he might be looking my way since I'm not always paying attention.

But we were once in the break room and it was just the two of us in there. And he didn't try to talk to me at all. That made me think ok he's probably not into me.

He instead would start having loud conversations with random coworkers that would walk in, talk to them for like five minutes about something.

He would seem really energetic about whatever they're talking about. Laugh loudly and he seemed really outgoing with the coworkers he's familiar with.

Then the person would leave the room and it would go back to being awkward and quiet. I am extremely introverted I wouldn't dare say a word and maybe he's introverted too I don't know.

I'm pretty sure he knows I'm into him because the people I work with, they know I like him and whenever he's near they act like a bunch of high school girls telling me go talk to him, making faces whenever he's near, they even talk to him while looking my way.

One girl loudly told me to compliment his purple hoody, I'm sure he heard her say that to me. My coworker asked him personal questions for me like his name and age which I'm sure he knows that's info i would like to know.

We work in different departments so we have no reason to interact with each other, me and that guy. So he's probably not into me right?
This is probably a waste of time but decided to ask the question anyway?
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