Do you see this as a need of concern or worry? Please help. Should I be worried?

This is pretty long, but please read. I don't know If I should be worried if I'm in danger or not When I was 14, I dated a 21 year old guy. At one stage, we were messing around, and next thing you knew, when I wasn't paying attention, he pushed my head down to give him oral. There was no escape, but luckily he didn't physically hurt me. Recently he got in contact with me. I thought this was our stage of peace, that we could become civil and I could move on. He apologised for testing me badly in the relationship, but never stars the oral part. We spoke about our previous relationships, and I stated how I'm over guys just looking at me for sex. Be said, "I'm sorry, I fall into thar category". "I see you that way". I tried to remain calm and be hopeful he was a person who was better. Anyways, be then confessed how he missed me and vie he wished he slept with me when I was 14. He said be has wish he'd grown the "balls" to make it happen. He said he wanted to be my first and wished he slept with me at least once. He also said how he would like to st least sleep with me once before we see each other again (which is not possible). I was furious and worried. He didn't tell me he was still in a relationship when he was saying things like this. Now I wouldn't say there is much to worry about besides for the fact that be tried to make it seem he was single. He said he wants to spend time with me on my birthday (which is another family's event, which means he is invited as he is close with that side). But then he told my family he is very serious with his girlfriend. However, apparently he is full on crap talking his girlfriend Infront of his whole family. I make this relevant to what I'm saying because clearly his eyes aren't that set on her. Not after what he said to me. Should I even worry that he is going to try and persued anything? Should I sorry he wants more this time? Please help
Do you see this as a need of concern or worry? Please help. Should I be worried?
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