Guy friend acting weird?

This is going to be sort of long so I apologize in advance.
Today my co worker asked me out to a concert & it caught me off guard. So I messaged my guy friend about it and he said I should give the guy a chance & have fun at the concert. I replied by saying that I wasn’t sure and he said that I was an independent girl and whatever I chose was up to me and that what he thought didn’t matter. So I replied with “I guess we’ll never know what I decide” because I didn’t know if I was gonna go out with him or not. Anyway.. I told my guy friend he shocked me with his advice bc usually he messes around with me a lot. He replied by saying that he considers me a really good friend and that he cares about my feelings & that he wanted to be there if I was dealing with any guy troubles.

but then this is where it gets weird? He stated that I’m always open with him about what I’m going through but that I never mention guys to him. That I keep it a mystery and I’m never straight forward. So he’s not sure on how to reply to me. I told him that it’s hard to talk about guy problems in general bc it feels personal to me and It’s hard for me to admit my feelings etc. i also told him he can reply to me by saying “sounds good *my name*” if I ever mention a guy.

he replied with “sounds gd”
I thought he was referencing what I said so I said that he forgot to say my name after ‘sounds gd’ jokingly and he replied by saying “yup, I knew you were going to say that..” & proceeded to say that he didn’t want to be friends with me anymore?

i was so caught off guard that I messaged him expressing that I was confused and if there was a miscommunication I can clear up bc I wasn’t sure what went wrong. He replied by saying he appreciates everything I’ve done but he was done w/ me?
does anyone know what went wrong?
Guy friend acting weird?
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