Is it a turn off that I am older than him?

The guy I am talking accidentally revealed that he lied to me about his age from a while back.

He lied to me saying he's my age but I just found out he's actually a year younger. (Not even sure if that's true at this point BUT he does look around my age).

My concern is I don't want to feel 'old' and I am worried it might be a turn off for him that I am 24? Is it a turn off?

(The crazy middle eastern in me is kinda relieved he's young because it makes me think he doesn't have much experience with other women as an older guy would. There I said it. I am crazy. lol. Bye).
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Guys little update I am ghosting him because I realised he's talking to other girls too
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Which is stupid by the way cause we literally planned him coming to see me next month and going on a date (he doesn't live here)
Is it a turn off that I am older than him?
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