Why isn't he messaging me back?

So this guys and I were talking for a week, went on 1 date, really hit it off, went on a 2nd and it was horrible. He was rude to me, saying mixed things like no I don't want to go on dates but then oh we can, we tried to have sex but i just wasn't turned on. So I finished him then when it came to me he said no. Then I had to cuddle him because he was shut stressed out. So after it I left pretty mad and he then texted me asking if I was angry. I told him it was not fun because I noticed je was angry about other things the whole time together (his mum, sister, work). I asked him should we call it quits? I told him that I liked talking to him and felt bad because i knew he was going through shit but I need to know from him how he feels then ill decide.

He hasn't messaged it it's been 5 days. What could possibly be going on?
Why isn't he messaging me back?
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