Who did this guy want me or my friend?

He came over to our table and he said hi girls can I get you all a drink. There was four of us. My friend said aww thanks who do you really want to buy for. He started between my friend and me who didn’t speak to him and kept looking at both of us. Then my friend went it’s her (meaning me) isn’t it? And he went yeah sure and then took my number.

He then left and never paid for the drink he ordered for us and my friends said he left not long after that maybe 10 mins after. He never texted me. And a notification from another girl had came up on his phone.

When he came over to talk to us he stood next to my friend too.

Did he not text and leave cos he wanted my friend not me?

But if it was that why didn’t he just talk to her? Why stare between her and me?
He wanted her
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Who did this guy want me or my friend?
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