After a good conversation, why does he ignore me for days?

Me and my ex had a messy breakup a year ago but only stopped talking cuz it was too much six months ago, we completely cut ties in every single way including social media. I still think of him after six months, as he was an important part of my life. so I felt like the cool down period had enough time. I messaged him cooly apologising for how things were back then. He responded straight away and we carried on a conversation. But although his response was quick the first few messages, the replies slowed down quickly and I only got a reply 2 a day or something like that. In this conversation he said things like he missed me and that he’d thought about me a lot while he’s been really ill and that he’d almost died a couple months ago, he also said that he hopes everything goes well for me because I deserve it, as well as asking what things had changed in my life. I do miss him as a friend but nothing more than that. Back when we were together, he used to ignore me constantly even though he lived on his phone, which he knew used to upset me, especially after I found out he’d been cheating for a long time. It broke my heart because he was so important to me. He would say that he still wanted to be with me and then changed his mind when I was upset and say things like “I used to see you in a wedding dress as my future wife, but now I don’t”. These are all really hurtful things to get through but now that I don’t have those feelings for him anymore, I think more about the friend I lost, and how much I missed his conversation. It’s a connection I’ve never been able to have with anyone else. I asked him if he would want to meet up at some point to catch up (platonically friendly) he said that would be nice and that he’d really like to see me. I responded with “it be nice to see you too, give me a message when you want to” and since then he’s just ignored me and hasn’t even clicked on the message. it’s baffling me when I can see him come online but not even view my message.
After a good conversation, why does he ignore me for days?
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