Signs of a player?

I've know a few guys that were players but I couldn't tell till I found out. how can you tell if a guy is a player?

whats the signs


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  • I have an ex dumped me for a player. the moast painfull thing is that she knows it but she doesn't believe it. a few things he does. he tells her that she's the only one for him constantly or he loves her more than all the others. even why he was dating her best friend. he told all his girl friends the same thing. he jumps from girl to girl. he's never had a girl friend for more than two months. he's dated all her friends and treated them all the same. bought them nice gifts. he goes off when someone meses with her and acts like he loves her. but he ignors her when she cries. I don't know why he helps to calm her down. I hate him. anyways a few ways to tell if a guy really likes you hell listene to everything you have to say. hell treat you right. he will NOT jump from girl to girl if he's had a lot of girl friends and never has them for very long than more than likely he's a player. if he's dated all your friends more than likely he's a player. one thing I did was my girl friend tried to have sex with me multiple times but I turned her downtill were muerried I said. what he does is pushes for it. starts with talking listening to you. then starts making sexual coments I don't know exactly what he sayes but not verry often. then gradually more often. then he starts talking "dirty" or "sexually" to her saying things like I want you within the first couple of weeks. then it turns into phone sex. then quickly into touching. he lets her touch him first then he does to her what she does to him. findes her "sex" spots and it goes on from their. I just hope that girls will read this and pleas for me don't dump the guy who truly loves you for a player. pleas. oh ps he always uses the number one trick in the book iv changed but never fall for that no one will ever change that fast no matter what. and remember everythng a player sayes and does is to get in your pants as quickly and efficiently as possiblte without leading on he makes his girl frinds fall so deeply iin love with him. one actually went and after she found out still did stuf with him for months whyle he was dating other girls and even asked one to muerry him. oh and he constantly tells her and her friends he's a virgin " OBVIOUS LIE" but she falls for it. well pleas pleas if you read this don't dump the guy who trully cairs for you for a player he has NOT changed he does NOT love you more than the rest you are NOT the only one for him. pleas for me its heart ach on both... that's all I have to say I hope to god I helped someone out their... if you have other questions or coments my email is ill try to help

    • Daniel 21sm- Thanks for the advice. I'm sorry about what happened with your last girlfriend. I've been played alot. Even though I've had crummy luck with guys, I realize that some of it is my fault. I need to stop ignoring what's right in front of me and stop ignoring the obvious just because I like the guy. The truth is if that guy was actually interested in me he wouldn't treat me that way.

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  • The player is one that you'll see noticing every cute girl even when he's with you. He thinks he's pretty hot and is quick to flirt with other girl whenever he gets a chance. It's like he's looking ahead of time to see who his next conquest will be. Oh and he's definitely a good talker. Also, be alert like already said when he's much more interested in the physical stuff with you than your emotional well being. What you do, your family and planning nice dates together aren't as interesting as when he can go to your room or you to his. Let me just finish by saying that when you notice a guy trying to move too fast on you physically, and sexual stuff is the all important thing be it you dressing sexy, talking or doing sexual things, that's a good sign for you to significantly slow down.

  • I think how quickly he tries to progress the physical interaction is a good way to tell, like touching, kissing, etc.


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  • The conversation

    A guy who is NOT a player will want to know you. Will ask you questions about yourself, will make an effort to show he cares, will want to be involved in things you do. A guys who is NOT a player will be concern of your feelings, your life, and want to experience things with you

    A PLAYER will not be so interested in your hobbies, the life, your family, or anything of this nature. He will be more interested in drinking, partying, hanging out with his buddies vs. taking you out on a date, taking you to a nice place together-like museum, or something, and we will want you to meet his buddies. I guy who is just looking to get in your pants will not want you to meet his buddies or not that much about him. When a guy is interested he will be willing to show his feelings, his goals, and etc with you.A player will not be

    I hope this helps

    • In a way I agree and it makes sense but this one guy - who apparently is known as a "manwhore" - was asking me about myself and acted like he really cared about my life, both past and present. A little bit later after we got some physical I realized that he was acting like that just to be physical like he does to so many other girls.

    • That could be very possible... many me do put on acts to get what they want. Until you really get to know someone I do not think you can honestly tell which ones are players and which ones are not

  • whatever I date d a player ,Im attracted to players ,I like how they talk filthy to you,how they act bad and deffensive for themselves,they listen to rap like me also they are sexy ,ID care if they get imy pants I want dem to cause IM ghetoo 4 real if ya wanna say stuff then just bounce many people like that and how they try to disrespect you espically if your black and are influenced by songs and people like that Make it rain song by Travis porter I loved it it was disrespecting women and about money,power and sex so braw people want players nowadays usually broads or red-bones'or yellow bones like that they dress off da chain so der so don't be tellin people to avoid dem learn about them and if you wanna say that say it it's your stupid ass opnion what the hell! I don't care so don't just tell people what to do they have their own choice.

  • Ok this is how you know if a guy is a player:

    1. If they're extremely charming. Most players are. I disagree with the girl who said they don't want to know about you. Some of them pretend to want to know everything about you so you babble on and think they care about you when they just want sex. But *take note* that they will usually try this trick (for it IS a trick) on every girl. every girl will feel that he's so into her when objectively, he just couldn't be into that many girls. As ilovelegs has said, he will be a good talker and know just what to say to get what he wants.

    2.rushing sex part, checking out other girls when he's meant to be talking to you!(like the guys have said)

    3.not introducing you to his friends, calling really late at night "booty call" messages, not calling you his girlfriend if you are dating. oh if he has had a serious of "flings" or disastrous relationships where the girl has dumped him because he didn't have the guts to dump her so tricked her into dumping him...if he has had really bad past relationships then that is not a good sign at all.

    4. Arrogance. Players are usually extremely cocky and arrogant and think they're hot stuff!

    5. This player I used to know used to always pick on these younger girls because younger girls are easier to get than ones a guys own age-they aren't as picky. And he used to go for slightly unconfident ones so he could be the "alpha male" in the relationship/fling etc. oh he also had a thing where he said guys had to have a "skill" eg playing pool in a bar to impress a girl with, teach the girl how to play and then deliberately lose so she gets an ego boost. it worked for him-i don't know why honestly but it did

    6. Players are just into the chase. once they "catch" you, they will lose interest and try to get another girl. or just exit the relationship emotionally once

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