Are these big signs that he's interested?

So I'm just wondering if these are some signs a guy is interested:

-he always seems happy to see me

-he always makes sure to say hello to me and have a conversation if he can.

-he always makes eye contact with me (for long periods of time)

-he always hace his torso facing towards me, even when he's talking to someone else.

-i'll catch him looking at me from a distance away and he doesn't look away.

- he teases me playfully.

- he runs his hands through his hair when he talks to me

-he comments and likes my Facebook statuses

-when we do talk he never lets the conversation go dead.

-we stand really close to each other.

-he seems to get jealous when I talk to other guys.

- he seems slightly (only really really slightly) possesive of me for example, he and this other co-worker (also a girl) always have these playful stupid arguments and he will always say something like "bridget is on my side" and the other one will go "no she's on my side"

-he's made a joke of how I would behave in bed.

-a friend of mine who's a guy, said that he thinks that this guy likes me ( I hadn't told anyone I work with about my crush.) because of the way he was acting around me.

- when I was worried I wouldn't see him, he made sure he knew I was around by going out of his way to say hi to me.

- I commented on one of his pictures and he deleted the pic then uploaded it again and asked me to comment on it again (I thought this was weird but you know...)

- when I talk he always seems interested in what I have to say.

- there's lots of little stuff.

- he seems to like to say my name.

BUT. here's where it gets confusing.

-he's told me that he's asked other girls out before, but then will let me know that nothing happened with them...(bit strange)

-he hasn't asked for my number.

-he's hooked up with a few girls from work before (2) but all before this stuff started happening between us and he doesn't seem to act the way towards them as he does to me.

so tell me what you think sorry for the long post :) and thanks for your answers
Are these big signs that he's interested?
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