Does she really just want to be friends?

Hi all, I've kind of been meeting up with this girl who I have known for about a month and a bit now. We've met up a few times and have had a lot of dialogue via text/messengers etc... We get on really well, have lots in common, and enjoy the same type of activities. Things have been going really well and I think we've both been enjoying meeting up and getting to know each other.

However, during a text exchange last night, I found myself admitting to her that I like her, however the feeling wasn't returned. I tried to cut that talk out straight away once I had noticed I had said it. I don't think she freaked out and she continued to reply to my messages and when we left the convo for the night, she said that it was OK, and she really wanted to me up again soon.

I feel like I'm the worse person at reading women. Does she really just want to be friends? Have I made a big mistake by 'opening up'? Could I have scared her off? Where do I go from here :( Cut my losses and head for friends or try and see what happens?


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  • Definitely stick to friends. Don't read into anything, you were honest and there's nothing to be ashamed about. If she said she wants to meet up again she might not be as freaked out as you think.


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  • I get the impression from what you've said that she's not interested, but she hasn't freaked out either.

    If you're okay with being her friend, then carry on with that.

    It's not like you said you were desperately in love with her or anything. That's when it's a major mistake; When the guy waits until his feelings for her have simply gotten to big for him to stay silent any more. It automatically puts him several steps ahead of the girl, and that's never good.

    No need to beat yourself up over it. When the next girl comes along that you like, ask her out. And maybe don't wait 5 weeks or so, but honestly 5 weeks isn't even *that* long. You have to pity the guys who have been pining for their friend for years and never said anything...