Did he like me, am I over-thinking?

Are these signs he likes me or did like me:

-every time we have hung out, he laughed, smiled and blushed quite a bit.

-When ever he actually does look at me I swear he gives me this stare that makes feel something, maybe I'm wrong on that though, but I swear. I get tingly kinda of. ha

-I can tell he's afraid to tell and ask certain things to me, just the way he looks at me and acts when he does actually ask and tell. Which of course I don't care what he says or asks.

-every time I've asked to hangout during school he wouldn't back off.

-I remember one time when he was at the gym and I was on a exercise machine by the stairs he walked done them and I think he got kinda mad because he didn't say goodbye.

-I know for sure a couple of times he thought I didn't notice him looking at me, but I could tell he was looking at me.

-The first time we hung out we talked pretty much non-stop for about 3 hours and he said before he left here I should give you a hug, which was so cute.

-He told me that he never felt awkward of me liking him because I ended up telling him the truth about me actually likeing him, because all this crap happened, where my friend kinda got in the middle of it by asking him if he liked me and told him that I liked him. He told my friend that he liked me as a friend but he knew the whole time I liked him, this was after we hungout the first time too.

-Oh yeah I remember one day at class I decided to wear my skirt and when he saw me I swear he didn't know what to do with himself, he kept looking at me more than usual too. ha

But he has never asked me to hangout or bothered to contact me. It's been a while since we've last actually talked and I mean a while, a little over a couple of months ago I had called him which it really didn't go smooth at all. I was rather nervous and felt like I said some stupid stuff plus I complained too much. But everybody says don't worry about it if you guys are friends he knows. I don't really know though. Although I did go to a party he was at about a month ago. He kinda followed my friend and I, didn't say much though and I didn't really say much too. He was drunk though too.

I guess maybe he just isn't ready for a girlfriend, from what he's told me and just by the way he acts around me. He is just rather bashful around girls he likes possibly and doesn't want anything bad to happen so he doesn't want to admit it. ? I know he has an ex girlfriend, maybe she has something to do with how he acts now. Maybe just a really bad past he has had too. I know for sure I don't help any though since I myself am not the most secure, kinda shy. Plus who knows if I did something, not going to ask and you would think he would tell me.? But I'm just going to leave him a lone and wait to see if he realizes that I haven't contacted him in a while. Plus I'm just going to move on since he just needs to figure himself out too.

Did he like me, am I over-thinking?
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