What do certain touches mean?

Like a touch on the cheek, to one on the hand, etc


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  • Hm...if he holds your hand could be attraction or that he likes you

    If he puts his arm around you or around your chair..sexual attraction

    If he touches your face...attraction and possibly emotion

    If he touches your lower back...sexual attraction'

    If he touches your shoulders firmly, especially if he also touches or is close to your neck, it's probably also attraction.

    If he touches your ass or t*ts...sexual harassment :P

    • what is sexual attraction? Like he's only looking for sex? lol

    • Well by attraction and sexual attraction I meant sexual attraction..he finds you sexually attractive and definitely wants sex with you. Doesn't necessarily mean he only wants sex and nothing more, but it's definitely on his brain. That's why you can't tell by touch alone, you also have to judge behavior.

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  • could be sexual, endearing, random, anything


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  • link

    According to wiki:

    "if a guy touches your lower back, he wants to grab some of your butt, if he holds you on the middle of your back, he wants to protect you, if he touches you near you shoulders a lot, he wants to be friends with you, but still have benefits, if you touches you stomach, all he wants to do is be with you, if he holds your head when you kiss each other, he doesn't want to stop, if he rubs your arms smoothly, you thinks you are beautiful. if he hugs you softly, he doesn't want anything to happen to you, if he gives you a quick hug, he doesn't care about you often, if you guys kiss for longer then...1-2-3-4-5, he loves you."

  • depends on the context.