I mistook confidence for bad boy behavior

I'm not the most confident guy out there.. but I am trying to be..

I'm going to try one more time.. but this time I want to be confident. to keep my self out there and to show her how much I like her..

but I mistook confidence for bad boy behavior.. until someone showed this video to me..


so I made several mistakes.. but after watching that video I have to say.. I am who I am and from now on I will be who I am.. the nice guy. so I told her how I felt.. I've tried to ask for forgiveness.. she might have ignored it but if she hasn't then I have shown her how I feel right now.. she may like me or she may not like me the way I like her I know that

but I'm giving it one more chance.

but I'm afraid.. sad I know..

I have never fully been myself.. I've always show people one side of me and then pulled myself away when it came to the other.. so I need your advice..

I need to be confident.. I need to show her I meant what I said..

but calling or texting once a day would just annoy her wouldn't it.. that's like asking a stupid question.. I know it would..

so how can I show I meant what I said without annoying her?

and how do I keep myself from running away and hiding my emotions


Ive done it more then once with this girl.. Ill show her and tell her then I will hide them from her.. I need to pull my self throw

all or nothing this time..
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Ive known her a year dated a once or twice.. hung out almost every week.. I showed her I liked her several times.. but then I always pull away..

but I have shown her this when she's upset at me.. it calms her down but that's not why I say it.. so I always step back thinking she's still mad at me.. and I don't think she was.. but me backing off was not what I wanted to do..
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I need to stay and show her I mean it this time..

and for the girls a lot of you should watch this..


I know a few girls like this.. she might be one aswell.. but I don't know..

Ive told her its the girl under her mask is the one I fell for.. the one that when I seen her smile for the first tme.. her truly smile under that mask... it almost made me cry.. I was so happy..
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! its Over befor I gave it had the Chance!

Forget I asked now :(

>>>>>>>>>>>>REJECTED GUY<<<<<<<<<<<

I mistook confidence for bad boy behavior
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