Why do women like men like this guy?

He's my friend but sometimes this guy really irritates me. He's always really outgoing, positive and telling jokes. He will be physical with a lot of women and he will just tell women that he thinks they're beautiful or what he likes about them. Women in turn flirt with him back. Even he has said I'm better looking than him and smarter than he is. He said this over Facebook:

"The way you see things is twisted. Your spirit is weak. You view the whole world through this prism of negativity. You dislike yourself and because of that you sabotage your own happiness and take the easy way out. I only flirt with all these women because they're my friends and I want them to be happy and feel good about themselves. You call it a lie, but I play that way because it's what people expect. I'm not having sex with any of those women.

Before it's too late, you need to accept yourself for who you are and make the choice to love the world around you. Throwing everything away is the easy way out."
Why do women like men like this guy?
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