She told me to keep in touch

I told a female friend I like her a while ago and she seems to be returning the interest. we kept talking back and forth. recently when we hung up the last thing she said was "keep in touch". Is that a good sign... I've heard before that if a girl says that it means she isn't interested and won't call or text you anymore. Is that true? or what does she mean?


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  • It could go either way: she could mean "keep in touch" because I'm not going to be contacting YOU first from now on, or it could mean she's interested and wants you to stay in touch with her. It's hard to say.

    "Keep in touch" is a better sign than "take care." That's the one that usually means "the conversation ends here"

  • a guy said that to me once, I definitely was upset and got a negative vibe, to me personally, it was bad, showed I wasn't impt enough and was just a formal acquaintance to him...he didn't bother to contact me after so it meant that he didn't want anything to do with me

    i feel like there are better ways to end a convo and when you really like someone, you keep the conversation going and say things like ttyl or brb or ill catch up with you tomrorrow


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