Dreaming about ex-boyfriend - what does it mean?

Ok...a month and a half ago I broke up with my boyfriend. I thought I was getting over him...when I started dreaming with him.

My first dream was that:

I was 3 months pregnant of him and I din't want to tell him or my family I was. I didn't want to tell him because I just had found out he had a girlfriend...and I didn't want to tell my family because they never liked the idea of me dating him(which in real life its true they try so hard to seperate us and I guess it worked). Well I didn't want to tell them but I did tell my 3 best friends and after talks and talks they convince me of telling my ex. Well when I went and told him he right away said I love you and that ather girl means nothing to me...and broke up with her right away. Well them at the end of my dream we were on the way to tell my parents I was pregnant and that he wanted to marry me.

Wut do you think diz dream means?

My second dream waz:

My Ex boyfriend and me got back together after 2 months...but this time it was a secret we hung out in the mall went to the movies and make out and keept it a secret from family and some friends(reason because my family didn't want us together). But the thing is that he had a girlfriend as a cover up and I had a boyfriend so basictly we were cheating on them. But at the end yeah I loved my ex but I told him I don't want to do this anymore and he said why and I said because I'm falling in love with my boyfriend and I don't want to hurt him...so I walked out of the movie theater and left.

wut does dis dream mean?

Wut does dreaming with my ex mean? I really wanted to stop because it ain't helping in getting over him.
Dreaming about ex-boyfriend - what does it mean?
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