I'm so confused!!! What's his deal?

Ok so we went to camp together... Every single thing he did was saying he likes me...He was holding my hand under the bus seat, sitting next to me all the time, looking at me alot, walking me to my cabin at night...stuff like that. Well, today I was FB chatting with him and my brother starts attacking the keyboard, right? In attempts to ruin my life, my brother wrote "I like u" and I'm like omg wtf?!?!So then we fight over the keyboard and a bunch of random letters and numbers get sent and I'm all like kill me now, right? So then I get my brother to go away and I explain what happened and then, get this-- he replies back "its ok... I LIKE YOU 2 BTW" and I'm like jumping up and down and screaming my head off then my computer SHUTS ITSELF OFF. So I restart it and stuff and he's still on so I'm like "really?" he doesn't respond so then I say "you do?" and then He's just like "nah! I'm trollin' you" and at this point my heart is crushed like that Justin beiber cd I got for Christmas and I'm all like "lol" to him but I'm actually trying really hard not to cry. And then he says "I'm so sorry :D" WITH A F**KING SMILEY FACE AT THE END! And I'm kind of pissed now and I'm all like "its OK :)" but I'm actually like IT IS NOT F**KING OK! And then He's all like "well when you experience a near death situation with someone... stuff happens" (long story) and I'm like "yeah..." and then I say I g2g and then he says bye and I'm like what the f**king freak

so please answer a question for me... What the hell? What's his deal?
I'm so confused!!! What's his deal?
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