My boyfriend is suicidal, what should I do?


I am Japanese and English is not my language, so I can´t write well but since my boyfriend is European, I wanted to get some advise from western point of view and I came across this site..

My boyfriend is suicidal now. He says he is down to the bottom and he says he is a dead man walking,without any hope. And actually he has a serious desease on his heart cause of intense stress.

He ignores my calls and texts. I called him persistently and he sent me a text saying not to call him. And I want to avoid stressing him too much being too pushy, but I also want him to feel my passion for him.(he always asked me to be passionate)

He has been a lot stressed. There are many reasons and it includes me.

He has a wife and 2 babies. But since this March he has been living separated from them(his wife left him alone) and they are on the way to divorce, and we have been together since this summer, he does not earn enough money to live with me yet because most of his expense goes for the babies. And he has his visa issue as well.

How we met, we started liking each other online.

We were up to be in a relationship, but I could not say I love him at 100% before meeting. But he was serious.

Then I kissed a guy which I was in a relationship before, which was all my fault, that meant completely cheating on him. And he has been sick everyday that he got betrayed by me.

We met in real and we confirmed that we truly love each other, but he could never be as open as he used to be before.

He still loves me badly so we have been trying to keep the relationship. I apologized a lot and I did all of those things I could come up with to get his trust back.

I already moved closer to his house 2 months ago and we meet almost everyday.

But his stress has been killing him everyday and he fainted yesterday and today. He is really in danger. I want to go to his house to take care of him but that house belongs to his wife who wants to come back to him but not ready to live with him yet.

We believe the biggest reason he got so sick is cause of my cheating. He sacrificed his life for me, and I changed a lot to get him recover and I somehow convinced him but it was too late he says.

He says like he´s happy that if I am gonna be his perfection always even after he dies.

Hes totally depressed and he wants to leave this world soon.

I don't even know if he's fine right now... I cry a lot being so worried.

He sometimes takes my calls(mostly ignore)or read my texts.

I told him all the sweet and cheering words I could come up with, but still he says he cannot live anymore and I can hear him crying on the phone.I feel so sorry.

He is supposed to visit me tomorrow, I am not sure if he's really coming.

Either way I will text or call him, what can I tell or do for him to get his hopes back?

I want to let him know that I am gonna be his forever and don't give up to live cause I am living this life for him. I love him badly
My boyfriend is suicidal, what should I do?
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