What does it mean when a guy does not text me back?

Is it true that guys would rather keep you waiting than cancel on you? and then send you a very late text to say he won't be able to make it! Or is this a 'nice' way of blowing you off without having to say something like I don't want to see you tonight actually. I am just having casual sex with this guy, I knew he really wanted to see me and he knew I really wanted to. And now nothing, he asks me when he can make it up to me and I ask him when he is free? I mean how hard can it be to reply, I can't do anything until...i mean really!? what goes on in the minds of you people! And before you ask I am starting to like him that's why I am going all clingy right now. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks


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  • You need to talk to him and ask how he feels about you. Right now, He just see you as friend w benefits. If he's like you he wouldn't treat you like the way he did. Of course he wants to see you, who wouldn't want to see the girl who will have sex with you and doesn't demand anything in return. I know that if a guy likes you he would return your text immediately and if he can't make it because you might be busy that day and if he cares he wouldn't make you wait for him either.

  • Yeah he is just blowing you off. He doesn't have that respect for you or care a whole lot about your feelings so he figures why not blow you off. And if he says he wants to make it up to you, that's bs because basically he's saying he'll deal with you on his time whenever he wants to. You're not here to be convienient to him.

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