I am so tired of everything, I want to run away and never come back ! What can I do ?

Ok so I am tired about my family, my friends, love, my hometown. I just want money and then leave for ever.

My family: When I was a kid I've seen the damages of the civil war in Algeria and I felt really bad (I was about 5-6 years old) I lost family members who died for no reason and I grew up too fast because of what I witnessed. My parents kept hating on each other forgetting me. Also, my sister is selfish, I had a week to finalize two short films for university application because she wanted us to come and see her where she lives. I literally didn't sleep for a week just to be able to see her. When we went there we understood she was just using us to buy what she wanted. I left to a hotel because she was going too far (not letting me go to the bathroom at night cause it made noise, I had to install her sofa, I was like a slave and I was tired). She said I was a monster, that I never did anything for her (which is false because I could have stayed home with my girlfriend and my best friend whom I haven't seen in 2 years) and she slapped me and hitter me.The worst thing is that since she left home she never called or answered any email.

My friends: They keep using me, lying to me I don't trust anybody now. The see me as a ''social ladder'' cause my father is rich. I have two friends left I think.

Love: I never loved a girl before last summer. The day I was leaving for vacation she kissed me and said if I came back next year (I was supposed to go study abroad) she would love to be my girlfriend. I texted her before going on the plane and she had changed her mind. It was troublesome for a while ( she flaked several times in a row and I got mad, she made me believe things etc). Now she acts like my girlfriend without being my girlfriend and she hangs out with other guys. Needless to say I am really confused. I still love her though, I would like to tell her but I am scared as she said no the first time... (any advice on this ?)

My hometown: People are racist even though my father works very hard and contributes more to the society than non-immigrants (the racist ones). I always have trouble with drug dealers. (I don't do drugs but last time I was shooting a short film with my brother and they blocked us because they don't want arabs on their turf, they thought we were here to fight or something).

I want to run away from all this and never come back, without giving any sign of life...
I am so tired of everything, I want to run away and never come back ! What can I do ?
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