Why does he keep talking to me, does he want me?

So I dated this guy for 7 1/2 months we were perfect for each other. I shared things with him I had never shared with anyone else he felt the same way too. Even after telling 3 people I loved them before him I truly felt a connection with him and he felt the same way.

The last two months or so I started to act different and became controlled by my emotions and wasn't acting like a good gf. He broke up with me about a week ago.

I didn't talk to him after it for a few days until my friend got into it with him and got her boyfriend involved. That day I text him saying sorry for her actions because I didn't agree with them. We talked and he said he wanted to talk to me and that I still had the chance of being with him again.

I thought about it but then I decided that wouldn't be the best thing, although I still wish we could be together again... I text him the next day warning him my friend's bf would be calling and to avoid it, but that's all that was said. He seemed mad when I didn't want to talk but seemed nice when I would.

I pretty much left him thinking I would try to be with him again, but then I didn't try any longer. After that day I didn't text him at all then my I guess my friends boy friend called him as an unknown number so my ex was asking for the kid's number, but I don't understand why he didn't just answer the call in the first place to talk to him and say piss off.

I didn't give him the number and asked him to stop this stupid fight because I didn't want either of them to get hurt and he said maybe and he had to go and I just said whatever to him. Then later he text me again saying do you think he could beat me up?

It just seems like he is finding dumb reason to talk to me, because he could have just checked his recent calls for the number... He said he no longer loved me, but I don't think that was a choice he had been struggling with for more that 2 days, he said he cried too, so why would someone cry over someone they "no longer loved"?

So tell me... does he really want to give me that chance or not? Does he still want to be with me, because he misses me??
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Correction* and when we were talking when he asked if he could beat him up I was being me again who he fell in love with and he was going along with it then stopped texting me.
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He also wouldn't answer the phone for me when I called him when he was breaking up with me like last time when he had his doubts of love for me he answered and we talked it through. Did he think he would give into me because he still had feelings?
Why does he keep talking to me, does he want me?
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