If a guy is always looking at you does it mean he likes you?

There is this guy at school and I have one class with him, I only recently started talking to him and it seems as though he's always trying to catch my attention. Before I started talking to him he was also always looking at me. So does that mean he likes me?


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  • Does he do odd things to get your attention also? Does he hold eye contact for awhile and grin? When he catches you looking does he look away? There is a lot of signs to look for... not just one.

    • Well the other day I stayed after school with my friend who boards and he also boards and we were standing in line waiting to get our dinner and he was behind us, we have this joke that is I'm pregnant with his baby and my friend is married to him... it's a joke and he goes along with it, well while we were waiting he said to her, we're gonna get divorced and we will have your baby - me - then he was complimenting me on how he likes my hair... confusing

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    • The last guy that wouldn't stop smiling at me wanted more than just a friendship... but each guy is different.

    • Yeah each guy is different, but I don't think this guy wants more because he's supposedly really frigid... Anyway thanks for your help.

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  • Maybe there's a pineapple in your hair... that's usually pretty distracting.

    • Nah no pineapple.. lol...

    • Well, in that case he probably likes you because I can't imagine another reason for him staring at you all the time, unless... you don't walk around carrying spare car parts do you?

    • Nah I don't carry anything...

  • He likes you, for sure.


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  • It sounds like he could like you but personally, I'm very wary of eye contact. Sometimes it means nothing and other times he could just be leading you on.

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