Choosing between two girls...?

Did you ever like two girls and end up choosing the wrong one? A guy I was seeing stopped talking to me "because it wasn't there." Trust me there was something there. Well he also stated when we stopped talking that he wished me well...cared deeply about me...not to settle...I'm awesome blah blah blah. Of course he said if I ever needed him he'd be there but hasn't. Also even made the comment that because I am so "great" I would get over him and I in no time and be with someone before him. Needless to say...he has a girlfriend. I'm not one to say mean things about people...I'm more upset because she's...not cute. I know he found me attractive. But I guess idk? What makes you guys choose between two women you connect with? Why cut the other one out?

I really wish more people would answer. :(
I guess my biggest issue was he never even gave us a chance...before he made his choice. I mean making a decision on who you choose exclusively is cool and should be done. We all pick people who we think would be a better match. But why choose someone without giving the other girl a chance?


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  • you see it as on looks..mayb he sees beyond the looks..mayb he didn't find your personality attractive, perhaps that girl is F*T but she has a amazing personality...guys hate girls with a filthy..they rather jus hit and run rather than date sum1 like that.

    • He said my personality was great. F*T? What does that mean? Filthy what? and there was not hitting and running

    • FAT.sum girls find that word offensive jus like the F or N wrd. he probably realized he less attracted to yo or perhaps he felt all his achievements went down in vain. its agreed many times it difficult to tell a woman what a guy feels inside for fear of the girl not feeling the same & losing the friendship> henc I conclude he probably thought you weren't interested or Just friends for him..dont get me wrong..its difficult to keep the friendship because you can never look at the person the same anymore

    • Oh he knew I was interested. But yeah oh well. Hope he is happy with his decision. But I have a feeling that he will be returning someday over his 'mistake'. He even mentioned not being with me might be a mistake

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  • Im kind of in this spot right now and I have no idea how to choose.

  • I've never been in that situation, but I'd go for the one that I feel more comfortable with.

  • A) one is hotter

    B) one is emotionally more open and you get to feel closer

    C) one does nastier stuff in bed.

    Those may not be in the right order.

    • A. I'm way hotter. And I'm not that confident. She's about 30 pounds bigger then me. Looks stoned.

      B. I completely opened up 100% he did too. We were like best friends.

      C. Never slept together. Lol.

    • Could be 'C' then :p

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  • I suppose he found more a connection with the other girl. I know it hurts, but there are other guys out there. It's his loss.

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