Why are most guys jerks?

im not saying all of them are, but most of them are, and my sports class is filled with d.i.k heads and since I suck at volleyball(its my first time), they all give me a hard time about it.

I got placed in the same team with these two guys, and I can't believe how sweet they are! They help me serve the ball and set it and taught me techniques. They give me compliments when I actually do something right and one of them actually opened the door every time we were walking in and out together, like legit every time he just waited for me to get through and he knows that the other guys are jerks about me playing so he kind of backs me up when I play like when I'm not ready to shoot the ball back he comes in out of nowhere and does it for me, and even when were talking HIS SOOOOOOO NICE and respectful ! and he apologizes when he pushes me or steps on my feet, and when he picks up my bag HE PUTS IT DOWN GENTLY, HE doesn't JUST THROW IT.

And its not even cos he likes me- he likes this other chick and the other guy is going out with someone else, they're just naturally nice and true gentlemen !

I want to fall for guys like these but I can't because they both somebody else's and I can't find any others

i hate the stereotype that girls love jerks, because for some girls its way far from the truth. My whole life I've been looking for a nice guy, a real gentleman ...

ANYWAYS, why are some guys such jerks? and where can I find more of these nice ones?
Why are most guys jerks?
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