Why do ALL women say that they LOVE nerds and HATE players?

I never had a girlfriend my whole life until just recently. In fact I didn't have sex with a woman till I was 21 years old.

What changed?


I started NOT being "myself" I went from a "nerd" to a player.

I treated women LIKE DIRT and no longer cared about them, changed my image from a nerd to a player and PRETENDED to be a player.

What did that get me? I was no longer a virgin.

Since then I have women ALL OVER ME. Its like I can't walk down the street without dodging panties.

All because I'm pretending to be something I'm not.

Just be yourself? didn't work for the first 21 years of my life, why should I change it now? because women say so?

Yeah, EVERY woman says that.

Just like every one of them says "I LOVE NERDS!" and people who are "themselves".

THey also claim that they can tell when a man is not being "genuine".

Well that theory is done too, since I seem to sleep with TONS of women when not being myself AT ALL.

The MORE disingenuous I am the more I get laid.

For some reason I think women are more attracted to James Bond (player) than Steve Eurkle.

And yet I've NEVER met a woman who admitted that she loved players.

In fact its the OPPOSITE. They say stuff like "If I see he's checking out other women I run the other way." Oh really!? when I do that at clubs women suddenly pay more attention to me.

That's interesting.

They say they want to "feel special" like they are the only woman I'm interested in.

Oh really?

Why is it when I treat them like they are less than nothing that they suddenly start calling me back?

But if I call THEM, I'm a needy creepy loser?

I really wish women would stop lying to men. If they did I would have been laid LONG before I was 21 because I WANT to be nice to women, but women make it IMPOSSIBLE to be that way.

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If women werent sleeping with players they wouldn't be "players".

A man who says he's a player and sleeps with no women, isn't a player.

Why do ALL women say that they LOVE nerds and HATE players?
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