Does he mean it when he flirts?

I've got this guy friend, and I don't know what to make of him. I super like him, but I don't know if he feels the same way, and lately he's been acting in a way that's confusing me. Recently he said he wanted to hang out with me, which was of course a fabulous idea IMO, and so I casually mention how I've been meaning to go to the mall, and he says, "well what would we do there? We should go see the new Fast and the Furious movie." I don't mind seeing the movie, actually I'm interested in it, but if he thought of me as a girl would he suggest a race movie? Anyways, I say FUCK YEAH, trying to be enthusiastic about a movie I'd been wanting to see that suddenly didn't have the same appeal anymore, and he says, "It better only be us ok, no fam I swear I'll have to kick your butt if ur fam comes." So is it he wants it to be just us, or is it that he just really doesn't want to be around my psycho family? And so our conversation (it was on Myspace BTW) continues on to something else after we figure out some of the details, and so he's gotta go for about 30 minutes, says he loves me, bye, and love-struck fool that I am, I wait, and then I get a message and he says, "hey baby girl I'm back," and he's never called me this before, but it was unsurprising as he'd called me babes before and stuff...Er, um so at one point or whatever, we're talking again about blah blah blah and then we get onto my laziness and he calls me lazy ass and I mention how cute my lazy ass is, and he mentions how he knows as he's stared at it before, and I was like whoa, because he's never said something quite like that before to me, and then I'm trying to stay in stride here and said, "Cuhs it's the cwutest wittle bum everssss. But it don't like when peoples slaps it hard and I gotta limp around likes a 'gangster', " and he said, "I was about to do that but I thought you would kill me." I'm not evil or anything, just so you know. And then we kind of joked about it for a moment. And just well, he calls me things like , "babe, nerd lover (ugh)," and he flirts with me randomly but does he mean it? He's so confusing that I'm not sure I even know what I'm confused about, that's how confusing he is. How can I tell if he's being serious with me? Or am I just a flirty friend?
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This has recently become moot. I now know the answer. Thanks to everybody who answered this for me. I really appreciated it.
Does he mean it when he flirts?
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