Why do some people have a hard time believing someone when they say they're ugly?

I've seen this a lot on this site, and other advice forums and on my blog as well. People come on asking for advice because they think they are ugly. Most peoples automatic response is that the person can't possibly be ugly and they just lack confidence. No one seems to believe a person when they tell their story about feeling ugly. Yet you see questions on here where people are trolling and they are making fun of ugly people.

There are people (including me) who aren't that good-looking, and there are people who are rude to them about it. I don't really ask questions on here about ugliness (my first one actually), but I do keep a blog. Most of the time I don't really post negative stuff on my blog but there are times when I want to vent. The one time I made a post about something that happened to me where these guys were harrassing me and calling me ugly, and they threw ice cream at me. I was upset, so I blogged about it because I didn't want to tell people who know me about it. I allow comments on my blog, and not one person believed me that people called me ugly. They all said the guys probably could see I lack confidence and it was my personality that made them make fun of me. These guys had never met me before, they didn't know me. This happened in my elevator in my building. How can they know what kind of personality I have or if I lack confidence?

Anyway, I see similar things on this website and advice forums as well. As soon as someone makes a comment about themselves being ugly, people automatically blame the person confidence level or personality for it. I just read a question earlier where people told the person that guys didn't want to date her being of her lack of confidence and not because of her weight. I feel like false advice is worse than the truth.
Why do some people have a hard time believing someone when they say they're ugly?
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