Do guys act rude with a girl they like???

i texted a guy . but he did not reply me back. so got angry and told him. you should have replied something. I felt he liked me. so I even told him... I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings in any manner.

after some hours he reply saying : I have nothing to say to you.

he did flirt with me non verbal last year. after some days I was his friend. but hardly spoke to each other, this year he finally says hi to me. and next day turns up in my class wanting to talk to me. but I laughed and ignored him.

but even then I did spoke to him. after all he did I knew he had feelings for me.

can you please help me figure out the guy. why is he behaving like this . as if nothing happened between both us.

okay... I know I might have been rude. I even apologized. but do you think he likes me. then why is he not doing anything about it.
hey what are you trying to say... I are pointing at me... first off can you please tell me why is he behaving so awkwardly.i thought he did like me. Now what is hindering him to be with me
okay can you please help me out . is there is something I can do .. to get him
look. I might be mean. but my problem is after all the guy did to me. he is not willing to be with me, neither is he opening up. that's what makes me mad at him. please read what he did last year to details.
look. I did all these things thinking... I just want to open up to me.. I don't understand what is hindering him.. I am being really patient with him since last year. I do not know what is going within him for me.
did you read Luxuria what he did to me. why would a guy say Hi t a girl after such a long time. and next day turn up to talk to her. I agree I laughed but its simply because of his funny behavior. why doesn't he do a direct approach
now that I am his friend... he is behaving as if he does not want anything. I am really pissed off with him. which makes me behave like this..please do guys behave like this when they have no feelings for the girl .. I thought he likes me


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  • In my opinion (I have to know the guy personally of course to be 100% sure), you've already blown your chance by coming off as a "possessive girlfriend"

    heck, even the fact you apologized comes of as a warning if he's looking for a normal relationship: it means you have unexpected mood swings and regret your actions later on (which is caused by insecurity and doubt. If you knew what you were doing you'd never regret it).

    So much drama, mood swings and possessive behaviour so early in a potential relationship is a bad sign to even start the relationship.

    I am the kind of person that really analyzes this stuff but allot of "natural" just pick up on this naturally and feel "a vibe" which makes them avoid you pretty unconscious (they don't even give it half the thought I do, but come with the same conclusion, simply because they have a better natural feel to it, while people like me have to analyze and compare facts).

    I think that's what happened to him.

    To give a big exaggeration.

    What would you think if a cool, handsome guy walked up to you and started flirting really smooth everything goes well and then you say something wrong about his family and he flips and starts making death threats towards you and the security in the club has to intervene and one minute later he's crying like a baby begging you to take him back (whilst you've just met him 3 minutes ago...just go along with my example haha) and you ignore him and 20 seconds later he's making out with a girl in front of you to make you jealous and a minute later is telling all his friends what kind of a slut you a are.

    This all happened in less then 5 minutes...even though his first impression was good...would you still consider dating him after seeing so much faces and weird stuff in such a short time (most of these things happen in a relationship in a course of like 5 years lol).

    Dating a person like that would mean you'd have to deal with that sh*t everyday.

    You'd probably avoid them as well :D

    So now you know what I mean lol.


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  • You got angry at him for not texting back whilst your not even dating him.

    So he doesn't have to (don't know how to say this in English lol but I'll try) explain his actions to you because you're not his boss, mom, gf, wife anything. So basically if a girl tends to flip by small things like that when you're NOT even dating her, it's a REALLY bad sign since a relationship with her will require immense amounts of efforts and solving jealousy problems etc.

    Basically as we say "avoid the drama queen"

    And that's the side of you you showed him, he'll probably be thinking: "If she's like that when she's not even my GF, how would she be if she WAS my GF? Probably ten times worse. Screw that!"

    At least, that's what I think and that's how I react when a girl I'm not dating or whatever talks to me like that or get extremely jealous or demands to much of my attention.

    • I have a few good guy friends and they all think the same you do. It's very true.

  • I'd say stabilize your character and confidence and prevent it from happening in the future.

    Read "The alpha male confidence graph" article (it' about half a page long) on page 38 of the crash course.

    I'm going to sleep lol so I'm not really in a mood to explain anymore.

    Download the book at link and then go to page 38 I think of it and read it.

    I'm not a fan of giving people short term advice, I prefer making people learn from there mistakes and making them recognize certain patterns so that they don't fall in the same trap again.

    Their are plenty of fish out in the ocean.

    But as for this guy, I'd say stay away from contacting him for a few days and see if he's interested enough to come back at you.

    If he comes back, you're lucky. Take it easy with him the next time.

    If not, well then learn from your mistakes and don't do them again.

    • Voodoo, you have this girl pegged. Everything you have said is on the money. Hopefully she will see that the issue is with her, not him.

    • You have given some really good advice here. I've read all her questions and answered the most recent one, but I hope she takes this on board.

  • Shuba, after reading this question and your other question, you have issues girl. You are needy and manipulative. Right now you still think it is all about you, and you are too much drama. It is not about figuring him out, you need to figure you out and quit getting your feel goods from guys liking you. Your behavior and thinking is very detrimental to any happiness that you might have in a relationship, and you will have to get over it if you want to have healthy relationships in the future. I know it is mean to say, but it really is you, not him. His behavior seems normal, yours does not.

  • women have made it clear that they hate "needy" men. so some men take it to the extreme. they feel they gotta make a big show of how much they DON"T neet a woman, and some women then take it as a "challenge" which to them is more exciting.

    • SOME women only take it as a challenge, others would rather die than to admit they want it too, so both end up ignoring each other for "society reasons".

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  • Guys don't like girls who message stuff like that. I did stuff like that back when I was in high school and it never works out. If he doesn't reply, he doesn't reply. He could be busy. But with you messaging him with 'you should have replied something" sounds like you've already claimed him. Guys don't (well many guys don't) like that sort of stuff.

    Also guys can flirt with any girl they please, doesn't always necessarily mean they like you.

    If he does like you, sometimes guys wait it out to see how this 'potential' girl they like reacts. If she gets to clingy, if she goes to another guy, if she waits. He might not like your reaction to the non reply and is now cautious

  • Yes I did read 'what he did to you'. You make it sound like he raped you or something. He did nothing to you. So he said hi, big deal. Then he stops? There's plenty of guys who say hello to me and I'm somewhat of an acquaintance of theirs. From everything I've read from what you wrote, I have one simple thing to say. He's not interested in you. You jumped the gun. Hell, if I thought every guy who liked me for talking to me, then not, then starting up again and then not talking to me so much. Damn I'd have a lot of guys wanting me. You jumped the gun and read things too far. And by you acting this way you're what they call 'smothering' him.

  • Dear, we are reading and like regular-guy said, you have issues. Obviously he doesn't want to open up and possibly why would he especially with the way you're acting right now? He's probably scared of how you'd act then if he was interested. you've probably scared the Hell out of him and all he sees is a big red light saying "Warning" and "Caution"