Shy...or Lazy??


This guy has been staring at me for months, but we've never talked. Because we are both shy around people we like, I guess. I told my friend the week before spring break that she could tell him that I liked him. And when she asked if he liked me, he said he couldn't tell her. So...then I saw his friend trying to get him to talk to me, but he ended up dodging into the other hallway. That was the week before spring break also. Now, spring break was between three and four weeks ago. And he has not tried to talk to me. He doesn't flirt with me. But sometimes in the class we have together, he'll glance at me when it doesn't seem too obvious. I'm so tired of waiting.

So my questions are, does he even still like me? Is he just shy or if it's been this long, is he just too lazy to come and talk to me? And, I've been thinking about it, but I'm thinking it'd be a bad idea if I just asked him if I could talk to him for a sec (since he's ALWAYS surrounded by his popular friends) and just asked him if he liked me...? What do you think?

Please help me, lol. Much love. <3

Thanks, but I'm so scared that I'll ask him and he'll say no. Whenever he passes me in the hallway, he doesn't look at me at all. Really, it's whenever he's near me he looks straight ahead or acts like I don't exist. So...I'm not sure. :(


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  • Haha, lazy. He's not lazy.

    The scenario is, most likely, that he likes you but is SO shy.

    Your idea wasn't a bad one at all, don't worry. If you are shy towards guys you like, it'll just take a lot. The best thing to do is to try and talk to him.


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  • I sometimes like girls but I am too shy to tell anyone. I just try and keep quiet about it.


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  • He sounds like he has no balls! I don't get why he'd stare if he wasn't interested (but some guys do). If you're confident enough then ask him! But I think he should ask you since he should have the balls because he is the guy. But I think he def likes you! I don't think it's laziness-just lack of balls.

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