I don't think he's interested anymore.

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"Does he think/miss me if he doesn't call" (16 April)

He's back at work now after an illness (didn't see him for 2 weeks) and although I see him every day we can't talk. This is the 2nd day back for him and I thought he would have made arrangements or asked to see me this week (he's working away all next week), but he hasn't yet. I'm starting to get really angry now because I feel so confused and think he's not interested anymore. He still looks at me and smiles but not as intense as he used to do. Yes we've slept together (once - great) and we've only been out 3 times (once week). I know it's early stages but I thought if you're interested in the early stages you'd be more into someone and want to see them. He said we should take it slow - not sure if he's been hurt etc. SOOO confused and starting to get really p***** now! He's not one for phoning or texting unless it's to arrange the date - I've texted him a little more (not overly at all) and he does reply almost immediately. If it's any use he's a virgo (same as me!)

Any help would be really appreciated guys - be really honest!

I don't think he's interested anymore.
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