Staring at a girl?

When guys stare at a girl, what exactly are you thinking about? Are you fantasizing about her, thinking something specific, or what? Just curious


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  • Fat girl: "Eww, she's hideous. Look at her rolls, fat America at it's best here. Probably gives great head. "

    Cute girl's boobs: "wow, those are nice. Wish I had some sun shades on so I could stare without anyone noticing. Hmm. I wonder how much of that is bra. Who cares. "

    Cute girl's butt: "wow that is nice, Her butt's not as good as my girlfriend. "

    We just go from part to part and stare. Most guys given the chance will stare at a pretty girl for 5 minutes if he could without getting caught and deemed a creep.


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  • I'm a bit of a daydreamer. Sometimes I'm thinking about the girl I'm looking at, other times she was just the launching point and my mind is a million miles in a different direction. I could be thinking about anything. Usually if my thoughts are about sex, I was already thinking about it before I even saw her. And if she catches me, that's coincidence.

  • Guys admire women like they admire a car. They appreicate the classiness, the beauty, the lines, the sound, And yes; sitting in a car, starting it up and driving it is exhilerating if the performance does not diappoint.

    Girls are the same in a sense. They look at the softness of her skin, her glow, her eyes, her feminine features, her hair, how she speaks,how she smells, how she moves, her posture and how she presents herself and confidence she gives off. All of these things a man could admire for 3 or 4 minutes or more if given the chance. They also imagine that girl by there side and in their life in some instances.

  • They think 'oh I really would like to get to know you' but they are too shy to come to talk to you.

  • Most times, guys just look at, and sometimes stare at, women to admire their beauty. It's human biology for guys. Guys just enjoy looking at pretty girls! As far as staring, I would say that means a little more; like maybe he wants to meet you. Normally guys don't stare at girls, or try not to get caught doing so, because its kind of impolite; especially if the girl has not given the guy any signs she is interested in him.


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  • First of all. I live in Colorado and white guys here think it's a game to stare at exotic looking woman because they want the woman to notice them. They are not interested in the woman it is a game. I am Spanish and Puerto Rican. Apparently, I get mistaken for an exotic looking woman who is hawaillan, asian, or Indian. I'm 37 years old, and I've noticed since I was in my 20s that white guys do this. I've even seen them to this to an actual Asian woman. It is stupid and they need to grow up. Also I have a guy friend who is 100% spaniard and speaks fluent Spanish. He gets mistaken for a white guy. So these white guys see me walking with him they act like he's a white guy and then they try to play this game by being flirtatiouos towards me. They obviously are dumb because they should be smart enough to realize that people aren't always as they appear to be. Just because someone looks white doesn't mean their white. It's like your parents teach you that appearances are deciving, but as adults we forget about that and are decived by appearances. I also can't stand people who can't except the truth when told to them. It's like you tell them your nationality and they keep insisting your something else. That is also stupid people should just accept the truth. I can see why a lot of Hispanic woman would not date a white person. I've never dated a white person, No one in my family has ever dated a white person. I knew a Mexican woman who would not date a white person. I even had a friend tell me she would not date a white person either. Woman should be careful because a lot of these guys regardless what nationality they are are just playing games when they stare at woman. A woman should be smart enough to know if guys are playing games. If the guy keeps staring at you but doesn't ask you out then he is probably a duche playing mind games and that should not be tolerated.

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