Why does he keep trying to get close to me?

There is this guy in one of my classes and I noticed he keeps trying to get close to me. Like he will try to reach over my desk or he brushes up against me. Most of the time there is plenty of room and he doesn't need to do this. He needed to talk to the teacher and he was standing next to my desk. The teacher was talking to someone and she told him it would be a few minutes. Instead of going back to his seat he just kept standing next to me. Then he was doing something so he sat In the seat next to me when he could have gone back to his seat. He doesn't talk to me though. He just does this kind of stuff and is always staring at me. Any ideas on why is he acting like this?


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  • Too early to tell...he might like you...It wouldn't hurt to talk to him ya know :P


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