Do girls realize they could get rid of players?

I see so often, girls complaining about players and such. They string girls along, they mess with their heads, they use them for sex, etc. There's no denying that for the vast majority of girls, interactions with "players" harms them. Also, it seems all agree that more and more guys are "players" or "wannabe players," etc, which makes it hard for girls to find guys for real, loving relationships.

Do girls realize that if they changed their behavior, they could make the majority of guys stop being players, jerks, as.sholes, etc? They could get most guys to be good guys.

If girls stopped hooking up, and sleeping with guys rapidly, they could effect a change to make a lot more guys better guys. So many guys learn the hard way that without some "game" that makes them somewhat "players, as.sholes, cads" that they're likely to get friend zoned. Many good looking, decent guys (as in, cute guys who are good people) learn to be players by getting friend zoned, and seeing the success of guys that girls openly call "jerks, players, as.sholes," etc. So they mimic hat behavior, because girls reward it in dating.

I know that girls (who go for players) usually panic and decide to settle down with a boring "good guy" about age 30, when their looks start going and none of the "players" will commit, etc. But do they realize that guys find it hard to change learned behavior? Such as, guys who are 23 right now, being players hooking up in college, are not going to abruptly going to change when they hit 30. Which creates a problem for women--because women usually want to marry more often, and need men for kids a lot more than men need women to have fun.

In summary, do women not realize:

A. When they participate in the "hookup/fwb with players and friend zone good guys" they are sowing the seeds of their own problems later?

B. If they banded together, and did something like refuse to sleep with guys they've dated less than six months, the vast majority of "players" would stop being such?

(And yes, I'm anonymous, so the people I've blocked can answer.)
Do girls realize they could get rid of players?
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