What is a chameleon personality?

What does it mean when you have a chameleon personality?


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  • As a chameleon changes its color to blend in with it's surrounding so does someone with that personality. If they are hanging out with some virtuous Christians they too well act virtuous. However, if they hang out with some hard core rebels they will change their personality to fit in.

    • So its like having two personalities then?

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    • Sorry ignore "the" before subconsciously­čśü

    • Oh and I'm not a guy but it's the same for girls and guys

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  • I am *guilty* of this -

    A chameleon personality :: the person can adapt to his / her surroundings and "blend in" to make others more comfortable, its not necessarily a bad trait - but if used the improper way it can have a devistating effect.

    An example including my own actions:

    I can go to a "hick" party (country folk) and speak just like them and talk about cars, making myself not look like a "green thumb" (country folk talk for "noob")

    A bad example with my friend:

    He can go up and read someones personality by body language and then act a certain way to "use" them (if you don't catch my drift, he gets them to bed rather quickly)

    There are several ups-and-downs about this characteristic but its merely something everyone does but they aren't aware of. No one wants to be seen as a negative so they change those traits into positives, this would be a clean example of how the chameleon personality applies to everyone in general ^_^ Keep in mind there are still stubborn people that won't change for anyone or anything.

    Thanks for reading~


  • I think that would mean that your personality changes depending on the people you are with or the situation you're in.


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  • someone who adapts to different situations and environments accordingly to blend in or camflouge with their current situation. they don't cause any suspicions, they blend well with who they hang out with