Guys, would you ever push a woman away because you're heartbroken and you respect her enough not to hurt her?

You look at all these self-help dating sites and the common theme is that "If a guy likes you, no matter if he's just out of a break-up, still heartbroken, recovering, etc., he will not let a woman he's truly interested in get away. He'll snap out of it and pursue her". This is kind of what I'm going through and I wonder if it's true for all men, or bullshit. Men are emotional creatures too and they just hide it because it's "not manly" and most men were brought up this way, but I know they have feelings.

Say you met a great woman. She had tried to help you get over your abusive ex (she had been in an abusive relationship before too) by being a text/call away when the walls closed in and you developed feelings for one another. You told her that she was the kind of woman you wanted to marry, that you knew she was a once-in-a-lifetime woman, you liked her, but you were still heartbroken, felt like you had no heart, and didn't want to put yourself in the position of hurting her.

She knew that you had seen other women after your breakup and you had the romp in the hay with them, gotten attached, and they dumped you because they were just using you. This made me feel that he was lying to me, but these women were truly trash.

Ever since he knows that he hurt me by playing with my feelings (we kind of had a blow up, both apologized and said we wanted to be friends) he has slowly distanced himself. He used to contact me every day, whenever he needed to confide in me. Now, he'll send me a "ping" text to see if I'm still here every week or so, then not reply once I reply.

At first, I was getting really upset by his behavior, and then it hit me that maybe he's really trying to do the right thing and just doesn't want to hurt me more by potentially playing with my feelings again. He really is a good guy, who always winds up with bad women. I just don't feel like he'd lead me on or hurt me intentionally. Maybe he's holding me at a distance because he knows I'm the kind of woman you marry - not the kind you fuck and leave - and he really doesn't want to hurt me, as he knows I would require commitment and it's just something he's not able to give right now. Maybe he's actually respecting me. That's probably why he would text me, wanting to come over, then talk himself out of it...he was drinking a lot and told me that he knew he would want to kiss me when he came over, but that he didn't want alcohol on his breath when we had our first kiss. That's respect.

Maybe I just need need to give him a break, move on, and hope that he might contact me for dinner some day, once he gets his life straightened out, or at least to catch up and truly be friends.
Guys, would you ever push a woman away because you're heartbroken and you respect her enough not to hurt her?
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