What does it mean when I dream about my ex boyfriend?

ok I had a dream about my ex boyfriend like about 3 weeks ago. my boyfriend and I were together for almost 1 year and we have been broken up for almost 2yrs. he used to live in new jersey but now he lives in Florida.but the weird thing was that I was in Florida before he was so like when I was there living he was in new jersey, when I moved back to new jersey because things were not working out he moved to Florida. so right now he is living with a woman who is supposedly having his baby so he does not know if it is his.but the point to the dream, I dreamt that he had called my cell phone. the moment when I woke up and saw my phone I was mad of course it is a dream and everything but then like a couple of days later he called me but when he called a couple of times it was like hard breathing at first which was funny I knew it was him but I acted like I didn't know, so he told me that life with the woman sucked and that he wants to come back to new jersey. the second dream that I had was about him of course but that he was in new jersey. this dream is weird because of the fact that he had left a note with his mother saying that he is going to say hi to his friends and come and spend time with me so that dream made my day it didn't happen but I just want to know what does it mean? thanks


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  • it means you've been thinking about hima lot and you may have feelings for him still. if you still want to be with him, try talking to him meet up with him in a public place some where and try to sort things out. it will only work if both of you agree to it though

    • Yea I know the thing is that we have been broken up for 2 years and its crazy he lives in flordia he used to live in jersey and everything ans its like he calls once in a blue. like he says things but I need to see it and cell like I don't know if he has a cell because from where he called me like last week was that girl that he is supposely having a baby from cell. so I mean it hard because I still love him and when we spoke that day he just asked if my heart melted for him and I said no

    • And I only said no just because I didn't want him to think that I was the same but yes. I love him a lot but I don't know what just because he is with someone else and he also said that if we are meant then we are and he always comes back to me so its like you only come back because things are not going well with her like I don't know what do you think?

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