Does my good guy friend like me?

We have always been friends at school but for the past few months, we have actually started hanging out and finding out about eachother. I'm the only one who knows his biggest secrets.

When I'm with him, I can just be myself and we are always silly such as saying stupid, funny things to go with situations or having random sword fights with our pencils, etc. We are great pals.

When we are sitting together sometimes, we playfully kick eachother's legs and end up wrapping eachother's legs together (all playful but I get butterflies whenever we touch because I secretly like him). I even find excuses when talking to him to touch his chest and face. We are both fine with touching each other.

So how can I tell if he actually likes me back if we are always playful and hanging out anyway? (I'm his only girl friend and only person he does this with - obviously)
Does my good guy friend like me?
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