Are these crush behaviors from a shy guy?

Met a guy about a year ago, and I see him about once a week. Our meetings are always so random, they range from him being extremely friendly and flirtatious to ignoring me and talking to some random guy. Here are some different scenarios.

1. Talking loudly in my presence - this was before I actually introduced myself

2. Talking to me with a big goofy grin and exaggerated facial expressions.

3. Waving at me from car with car running and talking on cell phone real loud while touching hair. Why not just drive away? It almost felt as if he waited around for me to arrive.

4. Completely ignoring me - this happens randomly with the next time the guy being really friendly?

5. Acting fidgety around me, hands on hips, laughing a lot, touching face or wiping off sunglasses.

6. Acting awkward when I ask him about his personal life - he is in a relationship. I can tell he doesn't like to talk about it. Will talk about his sister, kids, job, vacations, working out, but has only mentioned girl once and never said her name.

7. Parking somewhere where he didn't have to run into me on valentines day. Possibly avoiding the "what you doing tonight? " question?

8. If he hasn't seen me in a while he will purposely change routine to run into me "accidentally".

How about it shy guys, am I reading him right?


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  • Okay, I'll try to answer them point by point, but I can only answer honestly from my experience as a shy guy:

    1. Not necessarily. I assume this is to you? If he was babbling, then that makes it more likely.

    2. Seems likely. I get all goofy around a girl I might be interested in, and can't get the stupid grin off my face at the smallest look.

    3. Not necessarily. Could just be being friendly. Besides, it's unsafe to drive while talking on a cellphone. In fact, it's illegal in South Africa (where I'm from. )

    4. Not a sign of interest. Being really friendly, yes, but definitely not the ignoring part. When I'm interested, I can't stop thinking about her, and I jump at the opportunity, when she gives it to me, to chat.

    5. Fidgety? Yes. Some of these things sound like nervousness, and that's how I get around the girl I like. Of course, I can get like that at any time.

    6. That's him being shy. Is he like that around everyone, or just you? I'll revisit one point from here.

    7. That can happen, but it's also just as likely to be a random encounter. Do you know that he definitely was going to ask that question?

    8. Do you know that he purposely changed his routine? If you know that for definite, then yes. If not, it could be a random encounter.

    Overall, I'd have to say that it's possible, but unlikely. Sorry, but I think that you may be reading too much into the situation. Now to revisit that point (6): You say he's in a relationship. If he's in a relationship, perhaps he likes that girl already? I'd say that you're interested in him, and want him to like you. I don't want to sound rude or uncaring, but maybe you need to let his relationship run it's course before you start interfering. Whatever happens, you should be happy if he's happy.

    • Thanks for taking the time to answer. I am happy he's happy. We are actually good friends, I'm just wondering if there's more. Trying to become better at reading body language. The parking thing really happened. He always parks in same spot, except that day

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  • This has happened to me as well especially this part and I want to know what happened with your case.