Why do I get butterflies only from one guy?

I have liked a lot of guys and have only gone out with one. But there is this guy who makes me go so crazy. I get butterflies when I am near him. I get nervous talking to him and I think about him constantly. He makes me sooo happy when he does little flirty stuff to me. I know I have a crush on him, but why is he the ONLY guy that has ever made me feel like that?


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  • Maybe he's extra cute, or he has the same personality as you. I think it's probably because he speaks the same 'love language' as you--I know it sounds gay, but it's actually a cool idea. Some people tend to communicate their love (not just crushes, but friendship and affection too! ) by touch, some by talking, some by gifts, and some by doing little favors. Whatever it is, it sounds like you two might have the same one.

    But maybe I'm mixed up, and you're not getting butterflies because of how well he flirts--maybe it's just him. Have you ever heard the phrase 'cute couple? ' Evolution came up with that idea millennium ago! The people you fall in love with are the people you'd make a good couple with--physically or emotionally. It could be that he's extra good for that.

    • It's not just his flirting it is him. Everything about him. I have known him for a long time, and it is weird how my feelings just do their own thing.

    • Does he like you?

      Do you know how to get him to? (Sounds manipulative but it's not--as long as you to have chemistry. )

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  • Because he is the only guy you have crushed on this hard.

    Doesn't necessarily mean you're destined to marry, or even that he's crushing on you so hard. But it does mean that at this particular juncture, he's the one for you.

    Just don't panic and avoid him because it's all too much, nor should you flip out and stalk him and drive him away. You should be able to focus your girl powers squarely in his direction (flirt, talk, hang out, get him one-on-one, "accidentally" bump into him at the most "surprising" times, so on) and at least get clarity whether or not he wants to be with you. For your sake, I hope so!


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  • Because deep down you know you have strong feelings for him. Your body sends you signals when it knows how you feel towards someone. It's hard to explain. But that is just my opinion. Hope this helps :)