How can I tell if a guy is single? How will I know if he's interested?

What are some tell-tale signs that a guy is single? I would gladly make an approach if I knew these signs. Also, what are some signs that a guy is interested?

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  • ==Is he single===

    There is no way to know. Every person acts in a completely different way. But here's the most common way to know...

    Rule of thumb,

    1) if he's happy, charismatic and smiling = He's taken or a playa

    2) If he's needy, acts shy, or desperate = He's single

    The irony is that most people act very unattractive when they're single, and only after they get someone do they start acting attractively. Irony of life :) Same with girls. The unapproachable ones are waiting to get approached. The approachable ones are taken, lol.


    ===Signs he's interested===

    - The number one sign he is interested. You ask him out and he says yes. (99% correct)

    - The number two sign he is interested... When he notices you, his behavior changes. It doesn't matter how he acts. What matters is that his behavior is different when you are in the room then when you're not. He's laughing, having fun, notices you from across the room, and suddenly gets quiet... Or vice-versa. The indicator is change of behaviour when you're around, not the type of behavior. (95% correct)

    - You hold eye-contact and he wants to keep it. Doesn't mean he's good at keeping it at long times. The key word here is *wants* to keep it. But if you keep eye-contact and keep looking his way (in his eyes), he always find reasons to look back your way (80% correct) ===> this one can be confusing because it can be messed up due to shyness or upbringing, so he can keep looking away. The give away is if he re-initiates it.


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  • You could analyze his actions and traits that point to the answers, or you could simply ask him. Keep in mind one usually offers more headaches than the other.

  • I guess just do what littletad suggested. But to tell if he's interested, a big giveaway is that his face will turn bright red when you talk to him.

  • you ask him


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  • There is no definite tell-signs that a guy is single or taken unless he's wearing a ring.

    You could ask people that know him, or his friends or you could check his facebook profile to see if he's single. If the guy is interested in you, you will know it through his actions

    He looks at you a lot

    He's nice to you

    Ask for your number and ask you out for a date

    Pretty much like he find any chance to get to know you better and spend time together

  • Okay, usually if you go up and talk to him and he is intrested in you he will act a little shy and like STEVO459 said his face will turn red. But if he is single and interested he will throw hints out, usually he will bring up a subject about his Ex.

    Or another thing you can do is if he is with some friends, ask one of them they usually let you know everything you need. =D

    Keep in mind that most guys like when girls make the first move, If you like him its always worth a try.