Don’t Be A Jerk! You Jerk! 10 Things Only Jerks Will Do!

These are my thoughts. Comment whatever you want, I don’t care. Mainly talking about guys, but I guess this can apply to anyone of any...

Men are PATHETIC on dating apps and in Real Life

I was speaking to my best friend and a girl that I have started dating. I have been told horror stories about women seeking to find love...

What is a simp and what is simping? The ugly practice now defined for you

SIMP The word I heard first a few years back but didn't get into my head because of it's often unclear usage usually posted by incels...

Being a Better Man, Part 2

Be sure to read Being a Better Man, Part 1 Being a Better Man, Part 2 A better man is always aiming for success and never surrenders. As...

For Guys, How to Know If You're Handsome

Before I begin, I would like to tell you that since this myTake is from a guy's perspective, some signs shown by girls may be...

Being A Better Man

Here are some of my thoughts on how one can be a better man. To be a better man you must be true to your word. If you make a promise,...

Could he just be scared to open up and get hurt?

The guy I’ve been talking to for a year now.. recently told me he don’t deserve love.. and that he can’t give it. There’s so many times...

I never got a straight answer from guys to this question, no matter what I say they always make it sound like its just normal guys behavior and not?

I never got a straight answer from guys to this question, no matter what i say they always make it sound like its just normal guys...

Guys: What's the allure of a petite and dainty woman during intimacy?

I've heard a lot of men in my work who are hyped on this, I don't get it.

Men, is it weird that I use a fake name on dating apps?

My birth name is Sara but I use the name Taylor when I use apps or try to online date. I had a cyber stalker as a teen, and given that I...

What does it mean when a guy friend vents to you?

He basically vented to me and said he felt embarrassed about tearing up and we’re 3 years into our friendship

Why doesn’t he just let me go?

A long time ago my husband read some of my comments on my Reddit account. I talked about how I wasn’t attracted to him and how I’d...

Guys, Am I being needy wanting the original level of conversation that we use to have or is this a valid concern?

I started a long distance relationship a few months ago. In the beginning we really had a hard time connecting our schedules. He...

I was toxic when unneeded , now I need to fix this smh help?

Ok so I’ve been seeing this guy for almost a year now and we met shortly after quarantine hit and we had actually continued to see each...

A guy in mid 40s had online sexual chats with 17 yr old who told him she was 25. It was all on a website with a bot/AI too.( I know wtf). Report him?

Please think about this carefully before you answer the poll. It could very well affect what happens here. Guy actually had considered...

Men, what dress is the best length for a first date?

Please keep in mind that I'm a fashion designer by trade, so I prefer a dressier look than most women.

What has made men weak, dropped their standards and encouraged them to be simps?

Biggest drive in male animals is SEXUAL drive. And these things above provide men an easy way out of the competition.

Which girl does he like?

Please justify 😭.

Do guys usually compliment their female friends on their physical appearance?

Do guys usually call their female friends cute etc? does complimenting them usually mean they can like them romantically or not necessarily?

Do you think he really loved/cared for me?

He told me he loved me on the third date and everyday after. He said he wanted to be apart of my mess. Brought me a care packaged, would...

I just dyed my hair blond, but I was brunette. My boyfriends past girlfriends were all brunette/black. Do you think he’d preferred me as Brunette?

He said I look good both ways but do you think he prefers me as brunette? All his girlfriends before were black hair or brunettes

Is this normal? I'm 40 years old and can't make up my mind what type of woman I like best?

I especially like Hispanic/Latina, but I like Asian so much I'd like to be Japanese woman in the next lifetime. Love Korean and Chinese...