Things I Have Experienced as Someone Who Takes My Health Seriously

I live a healthy lifestyle, i use a lot of time and effort into working out and im also very aware of what i eat.

Im above average interested in these things and people i meet usually react neagtivly to my dedication to my own health. I get told "im too extrem" and i get acused of having low self esteem for wanting to better myself and stribe for the body i want.

This isn't a rant or to show how "bad" my life is, im simply telling about my personal experience which i personally doubt any of my non-fit friends get.

1. People assuming I'm doing it because I "have to" or because i want to look a certain way

For a lot of the people I meet and learn about my lifestyle assume im eating the way I do because they think i belive i have do so. They think im some how struggling with my diet and reality is that I want to eat burgers and sweets all the time, but can't because i want to look slim. To a lot of the people i have met its odd to them that i enjoy cooking healthy homemade foods with a lot of vegetable and that I dont have cravings for unhealthy foods all the time

2. I only workout because I want to look good

Even though working out and lifting heavy weights makes me look the way i want doesn't mean its the only reason I workout a much as I do. I get told i dont need to work out as much as i do to look good or i get refered as a "fitness freak". I just really enjoy working out and the effect it has on my body. The main reason i do it because i love being strong, it also makes me stay healthy and makes me look defined, something i do enjoy. It seems hard for some people to understand that someone can workout a lot and actually enjoy without having a end goal of looking a certain way.

3. People paying attention to what you eat

When some people find out about my habits they aslo seem to pat a lot more attention to what i eat. If i do eat something thats not healthy i get comments about it, its like you can't have a bar of chocolate without someone commenting about it. This doesn't happen a lot, but it happens, and i dont think average people get it. People do expcet you to be super healthy 24/7

4. Getting "labeled" as insecure

this is kinda linked to nr.2. If i want to improve my apperance or my workouts, some people automatically start telling me im fine the way i am or look at me odd(because im already fit, what can i possible need to change, right?). They assume just because i want to improve my physic or fitness level i dislike my body or view myself as unattractive in some way.


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  • It's strange. It's like people see you doing something good for yourself and so they try to knock you down because they're too lazy to do it themselves.
    To them it would just be easier to change how we think, accept fat as inevitability, so they can just be lazy and still be of equal value. Ignoring the very real negative effects of this sort of behaviour. Now we have a huge health epidemic and crisis on our hands and people are still trying to celebrate fat.
    There is a reason we shame people. Now I agree it's wrong when it's something that somebody can't do anything about. But when it is something that can be changed the reason why human beings shame is to prevent people from getting out of control with something potentially harmful to themselves or others or society as a whole.
    Shaming girls for their sexuality is wrong. Shaming pedophiles is right.
    Nobody has a problem shaming smokers. As a smoker, we should be shamed. It's a bad habit. But if you point out that feeding McDonald's to a kid everyday is bad, or that maybe you should get off that fat ass, people become insane.

    Good for you. In the end you get the benifit for your effort. And great benefits they are.


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  • I like this a lot. People shouldn't see a healthy lifestyle as a specific physique, trend, goal, or insecurity. They need to see it as a better quality of life that lasts a lifetime.

    • I usually say that looking hot is a high motivator to me, but training is like cleaning the house: I do it mostly for hygiene.

      You guess well, I have looots of haters.

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  • Quit trying to justify yourself. Just do what you do for yourself because you do it for YOU. It doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks.
    This is what being 'strong and independent' is, the FI mantra.

  • Hey man, I admire people with such time and dedication. I try to watch what I eat and I love to work out. It feels good and makes me more confident in myself when I know I feel and look good and strong. But, what I don't like is when the same people who are dedicated about their fitness start to shit on others because either A) they really don't have the time to put forth in exercising constantly, or B) they have other pursuits besides the gym, or C) health problems make it very difficult or they can not put forth the same effort as someone who is a dedicated gym fanatic. Then you hear things like, if I can do it, anyone can. Or, you aren't as committed or as strong willed as the rest of us. Or other shit like this. You're just doing the same thing as they are.

    But, I do love a woman who keeps themselves as fit as possible and is conscious of their health. But they don't have to necessarily be a "gym enthusiast".

  • People are so used to sugar and bad food this day, that they forgot what eating/looking healthy looks like.

  • You are on the process of realising most people are completely clueless, and not to be taken into account.

  • Nice take totally agree as a fitness man and professional.

    Healthy life = happy life.

  • Honestly I think the fittest people are the ones who enjoy eating heathy and doing heathy things. i wanna start eating heathy for myself and get in shape but can't because I enjoy junk food n enjoy being lazy

  • Screw the world. Do as you please.

  • All these stereotypes and more can be found at 4chan.

  • Fat lazy insecure shits reflecting on people who actually take care of their physique and health is a #1 reason why I grew to despise overweight people.

    Plain sad and pathetic.

  • lady no matter how many crunches you do your still going to take a dirt nap like the rest of us. relax Eat at Burger King

    • thats the thing, i enjoy eating healthy, i dont feel good or enjoy myself when i eat junk food or if i dont work out regulary. People are different, people have different opinions on what being happy is. Just because you enjoy eating junk food doesn't mean I do

  • i didn't read the article but the girl in the second picture is really hot.


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  • I remember when I started training for my first marathon. I was previously really out of shape, and thought it would be a great way to start taking care of myself if I had a goal and one I could expand on after my first race. OMG, the comments section from friends and family was insane. Mind you, these were the same friends and family who five minutes ago gave me crap about my health and weight, and then when I started training and as a by product, losing weight, they started telling me I was losing too much and working out too much, and on and on.

    Basically, you can't win. Someone's always going to want to bust your proverbial balls no matter if it's taking care of your body, or fulfilling some other life long dream. People are, it seems, naturally threatened by those who aim for success on any account, especially if you actually achieve it. A lot of people feel that if you're trying and you're successful at what you try, it will make them look bad or reflect poorly on them if they aren't doing it too. Don't sweat it (unless you're at the gym, lol). Just keep doing for you what you want and that makes you happy and healthy.

  • hmm.. well i just guess, you have to stop talking to these people around

    i gone going on a diet too

    first when im not that fully committed to exercise yet,.. I ask my friends, what do they mind, what advises do they have..

    then in the end.. I found them caring much more of my body
    they tend to tell me,, dont get too skinny, you look okay now with your size/weight..
    something like that.. it pissed me off hearing those from other people

    "what the effff... this is my body! why do you care more than i care about my body"

    so then

    i start working out all alone,
    stop talking around with these people

    and what I did

    after a few weeks of work out

    " I surprised them"---- its like when they saw me

    'Wow you're so thin already, what did you do?"

    - so much more im more control, and i get all enough praise, i could hear around other people

    --- it just means, you have to get off the crowd
    and focus yourself independently for a while,.. while having diet/exercise

    the more they dont see you, the more they care less of what you're doing

    -= friends are good to be around
    but also friends can be very toxic, to invade our little privacy in life

    -in the end, my family care more of my body, because they are the one seeing me around.. going for a little exercise

    (im living with them)

    = but i think its much better and easier to be noticed by your family, than other people around who has nothing to deal with around you

  • People should mind their own lives. Opinions should only be given if asked for. Shaming of any kind really bothers me..

  • I work out for my health, but also because I want to look good and feel good. I see no problem in admitting that. We live in a society were looks are pretty important. You're better well received when you look good. I'd rather look in the mirror and see a slim person rather than someone who is bigger.

    My entire life I've never been the slim girl, and now that I'm older I've started working on the body that I want. I'm so close to reaching my goal and I'm happy with myself and the direction that I am going in. Exercise has done so much for me, not just given me the body that I want.

  • this is so true.

  • AGREED. #3 makes me especially cross. Let me eat my pizza in peace

  • I'm not going to comment on the actual contents of your MyTake, but you start with
    "I live a healthy lifestyle, i use a lot of time and effort into working out and im also very aware of what i eat."

    So I thought I would say that 1, these days just because you work out doesn't mean you live healthily or even are healthy. We assume so, but who knows what's going on in inside your body.
    Now putting a lot of time and effort into these things (or anything) is either very smart or very limited, depending on your job and goal in life.

    That's really your business and I don't care, but I dislike hearing about "the average people" as if you won some olympic medal or are that much better than other people who focus on their studies or something else.

    Lastly, balance is a very good thing.
    Most people are bothered when someone they know only talk about one thing and fills their facebook page with that crap.
    And don't even tell me you're not showing off and that's not why you do it, either way people notice and react to that.

    • Most people eat processed foods, junk food, sweets etc om a regular basis. Most people i come across drink softdrinks several times a week and it's not healthy for you. Not saying they are directly unhealthy people, but to me that puts people who does eat like that "average"- most people do eat like that.
      I focus in school and work too, just take care (in my way) of myself in the process. I get people dont want to be faced with the same thing over and over again, but i dont tell people or show people anything about my lifestyle unless they ask og or if we are having a conversation about it. I dont have any pics of my body, my workout , the way i eat etc. On any of my social media either. Im curious to how im showing of by being healthy