Stop getting vaccinations world-wide once and for all. They are a violation of human rights.

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The Theory

Medical theory is that if your child is exposed to a weakened version of the disease, he will produce antibodies to that disease and become ‘immune’, so that he will never contract the illness.
At first glance, this sounds like a solid principle, BUT it only focuses on one small aspect of the immune system, the antibodies, and fails to look at all the other functions responsible for protecting your child’s health.

7 points proving vaccines damage:

1 The skin acts as a barrier to prevent bacteria entering the body. It also filters out toxins through fever, which is the purpose of a fever when your child is ill.

2 The nasal hairs prevent foreign particles from traveling up the nose, and the mucous membranes excrete a substance which is anti-bacterial.

3 Tonsils help prevent respiratory diseases and illnesses such as Polio, and saliva contains substances which destroy and neutralize microbes.

4 The spleen and intestines, among other organs, deposit fats and vitamins around the body and protect against viral and bacterial invasion.

5 The thymus gland produces thymus cells, known as ‘T’ cells, which are antibodies to infection.

6 There are various glands (nodes) in the body that drain it of toxins and useless material. For instance, the cervical nodes drain the head, neck and chest.

7 The pituitary gland in the brain directs all of the systems above, so if the brain goes wrong, so does the immune system. It sends electrical impulses to all areas of the body, stimulating cell re-generation and muscle growth. These electrical impulses also stimulate the thymus gland – the center of immune function.

My evaluation of 1st website:

Anytime you must artificially receive a disease in order to supposedly trick your body into how to fight against it, you are violating your human rights and the very essence of how you were designed to be healthy to start with. There is more evidence showing the negativeness of vaccines than there are the positiveness of vaccines. Again, read the website. Don't argue with me why I didn't bring up every point within it.

Also, there is speculation that vaccines prevent disease but it is not proven. You can't verify what a vaccine will do because there was no way of knowing you wouldn't have received the disease to start with.


If I receive a measles vaccine, you can not verify that it saved me from receiving the measles because had I not been vaccinated, there is no way of knowing if I'd not got the measles to start with. You also can't say that if a person has the measles that they wouldn't have if they got the vaccine because there is no way of knowing if that vaccine would have worked or not. Your body may not trick it the same way as other people's bodies do to remember the disease.

I'm not going to point out all the things the website shows. People can read for themselves and learn how vile vaccines are.

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Video #2

Video #3

Want Your Children To Be Safe? We Do Too! Question Vaccines!

Vaccines are dangerous and unnecessary for vibrant health. Unfortunately, we’ve been lied to. On this website you can find numerous videos of parents talking about vaccine injury or why they are vaccine free, read comments from over 180 parents who share why they stopped vaccinating, discover how to raise a healthy child without any vaccines, learn the many horrors of vaccines and how dangerous they actually are, and find out how we have been lied to about the need for vaccines for public health. When a parent who has a vaccine injured child says to you, “DO YOUR RESEARCH,” that’s why this website exists – so you can do YOUR research. Be brave, your children are counting on you!

Mandatory Vaccination Laws Are NOT For Our Health

The War On Personal and Religious Belief Exemptions

Vaccination bills have been introduced all across the country seeking to end our ability to opt-out of the vaccination program through the use of personal and/or religious belief exemptions in order to attend public or private school. We are told in mainstream media and by the pharmaceutical industry through their representative politicians that we have a health crises, that vaccines are safe, that vaccines are required, and that we must get vaccinated or we and/or our children will suffer severe consequences.

Picture #1

Stop getting vaccinations world-wide once and for all. They are a violation of human rights.

Picture #2

Stop getting vaccinations world-wide once and for all. They are a violation of human rights.

Stop getting vaccinations world-wide once and for all. They are a violation of human rights.

My evaluation of 2nd website:

All vaccines are toxic. So to get vaccinated is to purposely put toxins in your body. Healthy people have healthy immune systems and do not need vaccines. We have been lied to by the mass media because their goals is to have people dependent on drugs. It's the same deal with diseases. Their only options are drugs and surgery. It is never not to better the whole body, mind and soul. We are spiritual beings and do not need secular things like vaccines to invade our body.

Our world system is corrupt and vaccinations are one of the early signs of the world setting up its ungodly system and trying to mandate it to people. If a child is not vaccinated by age 5, they must be home schooled. They are bullying parents to force them to accept their rules or they can't go to public or private schooling. They are even making it mandatory, or trying to get adults vaccinated, in order to teach children in day cares or schools. Vaccines kill and are demonic in nature.

Final encouragement to all g@g users:

Please use these 2 websites as motivation to stop the wickedness going on with vaccines. They are 100% not needed and should never be applied. They 100% will weaken your immune system and you will never live life to the fullest. Vaccines rob you of true joy, takes away the pride of living and makes imperfect what you were created as in the world. It ruins your testimony and leads to people losing grip of other things that are unhealthy that people will accept as healthy. Take the time to learn the trickery that doctors use to trick you into thinking you need them. Don't be duped into getting them or having your children get them. People who resort to vaccinations are unintelligent and deceived and a contributor to the wickedness of society.

Thank you, you magnificent g@g users.


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  • Vaccines save lives and help eradicate serious illnesses. Not every single vaccine is necessary or beneficial, but in general, vaccines make us healthier. As individuals AND societies.

    Antibiotics are the one that gets overused, not quite so much in prescription drugs, but in hand sanitizers and in livestock.

    • If you think so but whatever.

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    • of, not od.

    • @LettuceSEEK You are an immature, vindictive brat. You are obviously proud of the horrible things you've done, which is sickening. You continue to brag about it and draw attention to it, and you clearly have no real intention of changing your ways. I hope you like your presence, because nobody else does.

Most Helpful Guy

  • 2|7
    • @jacquesvol
      I got about 10 links proving that vaccines are quackery but you won't link those, eh?

      How about medicine kills millions dot com that exposes all the crap that vaccines covers but of course you'd be for a demonic thing like vaccines because you hate life and are too lazy to instruct people how to build their 1st defense of immunity with immune system. All vaccines have mercury and aluminum in them and are known to be neuro-toxins which damages the brain.

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    • @MlleCake sweet. My bad.

    • @LettuceSEEK

      Child, your information is outdated. Every elementary kid gets vaccines. I have yet to see one drop dead from it. No child in my city or country (or any other country) has suddenly died following a vaccination. Most people get a mild allergic reaction... skin redness - akin to any other allergic reaction.

      Also, not all vaccines have mercury and aluminum in them. Mercury used to be in the form of thimerosol, which is a preservative. Current vaccines are made without thimerosol, unless they are destined for 3rd world countries where there are no labs to produce the vaccine (and so they need preservatives to maintain effectiveness during transport).

      Also, Dr Wakefield's falsified studies were retracted 10-15 years ago related to mercury and autism.
      Dr. Chris Shaw (University of BC) had his studies on aluminum and autism retracted, after his data was altered. He even went on record saying that the studies are fake, because someone changed his data.

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  • I would gladly give my opinion to this one but seeing all other opinions and your answers i just feel sorry for you. You are really messed up! Its people like you that one day go berserk and start shooting random people at schools or flying airplanes into buildings. You should be caged.

    • 'You should me shot'
      See, you re already violent. Its only a matter of time before you pick up a gun and start blazing while yelling random crap like 'say no to the needle devil! Repend!!!' in order to support your stoneage beliefs. You remind of those door to door religious tards. The never answer questions but insted move on to the next chapter. You ignore and deny the extreme solid evidence and numbers that prove how good vaccines are and instead worry and preach about the 0,00001% of cases. And mixing this all up with religion. Sin, god, atheist. Lol. You are really pathetic.
      Your websites, videos and pathetic attempts to multiply your moronic thoughts are nothing compared to the millions of videos, documentaries and millions of SOLID proof that numbers, years, facts has given us. Stop talking and go fk your mother, like most of you messed up overly religious kids do. Vermin.

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    • @MlleCake
      After every flare-up of an infection due to vaccination, the maladies have resumed the downward course which existed already before the vaccination. In general and over a period of many years, every vaccination has caused more casualties than the infection it was supposed to prevent. This happened for instance with the smallpox vaccination in Germany and many other countries.. .. Vaccines don't protect, but do harm. A scientific proof of their usefulness has never existed, whereas the severe, sometimes fatal damages they cause are a proven fact."(source: a talk given at the "The International Congress Of Doctors Against Vivisection" originally printed in CIVIS International Foundation Report Nr. 8", WINTER 1989 - 1990, Massagno - Switzerland, CIVIS.)

  • I think medication is overused and abused, but vaccinations are imperative in reducing the prevalence of many diseases.

    Go to India, spend some time at an orphanage, and see if you change your tune. My heart broke caring for children with conditions that would have been avoidable if they'd been vaccinated.

    • There is no way you read both websites and watched all 3 videos because I just invited you to this MyTake.

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    • Nah not gonna lie I totally didn't, but I will say that I have done my research and I have to side with leading medical professionals on this one. I know you probably invited me to answer because I was unenthusiastic about the overuse of medicine, but I am not anti-vax.

    • Well if you can't give it the chance to hear them out, then making up your mind is no good.

      I know for a fact that vaccines are demonic in nature and that people are not taught how to better their immune systems.

      I'm shocked that so far only 1 of 12 people agrees with me but I know the truth.

  • vaccines have literally saved millions of people from things like polio. I've grown up in a family of doctors and none of them or their doctor friends would ever advise against vaccines. polio especially, used to be such a big issue and has pretty much disappeared after a vaccine for it came out. I think it's very important for kids. flu vaccines? eh. polio and chicken pox? absolutely

    • Of course you do. You believe whatever the doctor says, eh?

      Also, you can't prove that polio was prevented by getting vaccines because you can't prove that they'd got polio if not vaccinated. You can only speculate and if people are taught how to build healthy immune health, they wouldn't resort to vaccines. You are resorting to an anti-God system.

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    • Haha no kidding. That guy is a bit of a wack job. He's been going off around here talking about what whores 'Western women' are yadda yadda.

    • @Nyx_85 this is how you know who the village idiot is. they make it quite obvious

  • I don't didn't read any of that and I don't care. All I saw was the title and all I have to say is my child is getting vaccinated and so am I because I believe in keeping her safe from things like polio. I'm polio.

    • You're a fool to believe in such demonic practices. It killed a woman's son almost.

      If she was my child we had together, that child won't get vaccinated and I'd take you to court over it.

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    • You have you're opinion and I have mine. I refuse to argue. End of discussion

    • When you get a vaccine, you are intentionally injecting a virus into them.

  • I agree :-) the immune system is strong enough to attack the foreign organisms

    Also, the diseases that vaccinations attacked were blown out of proportion

    The dosage of the vaccination and added mercury, lead, arsenic do not help...

    Any way this my opinion... and feel free to inject vaccines all you like *-*

    • Finally glad I met an anti vaccine person. People think that vaccines are the answers to life's health issues.

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    • @MlleCake I don't know your field or level of education,

      Majority of drugs have at least 10 side effects. Heck paracetamol can cause irreversible liver damage, and people die from this.

      Medicine is a poison at certain dosages and it can kill.

      No drug out there has ever cured anyone, we simply do not have the research.

      Stuffing a human baby with weakened viruses is not the way to go.
      Their immune system is not even fully developed.

      Anyway I am actually done with this conversation. Because the level of ignorance is bliss. Just because its the medical community, it doesn't mean I will blindly flow and worship them.

      Medicine is and always be a business. This business requires sick people. In fact majority of businesses require someone to be in pain emotionally, mentally or physically.

      >>>>> I am muting this conversation because... I can't give a two flying monkeys any more. I don't care take vaccine, don't take it. Not my life, not my baby and not my body.

    • Lol. At least you won't need a hospital bed ever.

  • Worldwide use of the smallpox vaccine has all but eradicated smallpox.

    • Says you. How about reading everything in the articles, including the website and videos.

      There is no evidence of that.

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    • Never mind...

    • What do you mean?

  • Sometimes I forget people like this exist. And whenever I remember their existence, it's a rude awakening every time. Like SURE, let's start spreading these really old and nearly gone diseases that can start mutating to the point where they might even become pandemics, just because your selfish and uneducated ass doesn't understand the importance of vaccines.

  • Vaccines have saved millions of lives and we should be extremely grateful for them. Anti vaccination people should have separate island where they can live until they die of something like measles or polio.

    • that is actually true. there are many islands or former state hospitals that have been used for people who have contracted infectious diseases. Then came the glorious development of vaccinations, and unfortunately if people like the OP spread in number we may have to get back to that

  • Vaccines are definitely needed and everyone should be getting them. I do agree with your argument in the tiniest way about human rights but us humans as a society give up tiny rights to protect millions of people from potential illnesses. It seems very bad to not vaccinate as I would be dead without them. Hepatitis would be much worse of a problem as an example but it's practically irrelevant as a problem because of vaccinations. I think it's just part of the civilised world and part of healthcare in general.

    • You can't prove if you were not vaccinated that you would have died.

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    • Just report this LettuceSEEK freak for having duplicate accounts since his Rat account was deleted, and he claims to have more...

    • @LettuceSEEK That's about what I expected to hear from you. Admitting that you really are just a troll afterall...

  • Right off the bat- Producing antibodies won’t prevent you from coming in contact with pathogens, it does however ensure that in the event that your body comes in contact with the pathogens you your body already has the tools to quickly respond to and fight the pathogens so that they can’t produce their harmful effects.
    The skin can only do so much- yes it is the first line of defense against harmful microorganisms however once you get a break in the skin such a tiny cut you’re now have a portal of entry for microorganisms. Also there are numerous diseases that are spread through direct contact.
    Nasal hairs prevent PARTICLES from travelling up the nose, however you must bear in mind that when you’ve come into contact with a person with tuberculosis or chicken pox nasal hairs are as effective as water guns in a gunfight.
    Tonsils are supposed to play a helpful role in immune response but they themselves frequently become infected *I’m sure you’re aware of tonsillitis and how common it is*, and a frequently contracting tonsillitis puts a person at risk at heart disease. It’s actually through your saliva that you can contract Hepatitis A and other diseases such as Mono
    I could go on and on about your other points but I’d like to skip to point out the various pituitary disorders such as Cushing’s and Diabetes Insipidus.

    Final points- please search the statistics of Polio, Leprosy, and other diseases preventable through vaccination- you will notice that the rates have significantly declined, and that the reason why people who have taken the vaccination have not acquired such diseases is because they are lucky enough to be in the company of vaccinated individuals who cannot spread the diseases to them.

  • Vaccines do nothing but good. They save millions of lives. That's how diseases like Ebola were stopped.
    Watch these videos.

    • There is also loads of videos showing the dangers of vaccines and my cousin died taking a vaccine so they don't always do nothing but good. The best good would be teaching people how to take care of their health. Not inject a needle in you full of poisons and expect a miracle.

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    • It cut it off:

      https ://www . cancerdefeated . com/newsletters/The-Ultimate-Cancer-Cure-Banned-in-America. html

    • @ClapTapGirl At the very start is says
      'Much of the material presented in this article lacks primary sources to prove its authenticity and accuracy. We've had to rely on secondary sources — in layman's terms, what somebody heard from somebody else.'
      Sure they believe it's real, but it most likely isn't.

  • I love your use of biased sources that aren't even academic sources (studies, research, etc), really proved a point 🙄

    • One small example is in 1953 the US Aalone had 58,000 cases of polio. In 2016 there were 37 worldwide.

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    • @Slant-WING you were posing as a 16 year old girl because?

    • Now you deactivated that one too. Then you accuse people of being wusses...

  • There should be a separate land for people who refuse to take vaccines, the basic ones. Vaccines only work if everyone take them.

    • •Anaphylactic shock
      •Aseptic meningitis, meningitis
      •Bell’s palsy, facial palsy, isolated cranial nerve palsy
      •Blood disorders such as thrombocytopenic purpura (a disease that destroys platelets need for clotting)
      •Brachial neuritis
      •Cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
      •Chronic rheumatoid arthritis
      •Convulsions, seizures, febrile seizure
      •Encephalopathy and encephalitis (brain swelling)
      •Hearing loss
      •Guillain-Barré syndrome
      •Immune system disorders
      •Lymphatic system disorders
      •Multiple sclerosis
      •Nervous system disorders
      •Neurological syndromes including autism
      •Paralysis and myelitis including transverse myelitis
      •Peripheral neuropathy
      •Pneumonia and lower respiratory infections
      •Skin and tissue disorders including eczema
      •Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
      •Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
      •Vaccine-strain versions of chicken pox, measles, mumps, polio, influenza, meningitis, yellow fever, and pertussis
      •Vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessels)

    • @ClapTapGirl Yes yes, you know, you can die by eating a strawberry also.

    • Yep. It works both ways.

  • A vaccine is just exposure to diseases in a controlled safe environment. it contains the actual viruses. But hey go rub up someone with polio or tuberculosis and let your body go through the sickeness. If you survive, you'll have a build up immunity and long term debilitations.

    What about our animals we give rabies vaccines too? That protects your dumb ass from rabies too. Don't know about you but I don't want no fucking rabies.

  • People like you are the reason why we have diseases that were extinct coming back because your a pussy who can't take a vaccination. 🙄🙄

  • 8|7
  • Look up some actual statements from real doctors and people who know what they're talking about. Vaccines are important and if we didn't have them then our lifespan would be much shorter. We'd have many children dying at young ages too. That's why people in some third world countries struggle and die much sooner than we do because they don't have vaccines or even has cures for some of those diseases.

  • Lol I need to show this to my parents, Im supposed to get 7 vaccinations this year in grade 9. yeah, I'm still afraid of vaccines.

    • I hated getting vaccinated too but believe me when I say that people even 100 years ago would've begged for those vaccines

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    • @MlleCake
      Quit lying.
      "It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we vanquished smallpox with vaccines when only 10% of the population were ever vaccinated." Dr. Glen Dettman, AMM, BA, PhD, & Archie Kalokerinos, MD, 1986. (p. 36) In the late 1960's and 1970s, Dr. Kalokerinos and Dr. Dettman discovered that some 500 out of every 1,000 Aboriginal children were dying in the Northern Territories. The cause was a type of toxic shock reaction, complicated by vitamin C deficiency, often brought on by immunisation. In a two-year period without vaccination and with improved nutrition not one child died. (p.43).

    • Are You afraid of smallpox, leprosy, malaria, rickets, polio, influenza, Rubella, Rabies, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, whooping cough, German measles, mumps, meningitis, tetanus, diarrhoea etc. People used to die from these.

  • and so is your kid getting sick and mine dying from yours not getting the shot...

  • I noticed growing up I was getting sick easily Everytime I'd have to get vaccines and afterwards. Ever since I stopped I've never felt better xD. Plus the vegan life style helps! Ahhh I've always thought vaccines are shady as fuck. Good take

    • Have you ever taken a college biology course? Ever? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • You do know how vaccines work, right? How they produce symptoms of the disease they're protecting against because your body reacts to the vaccine - which is what we want to happen... right?

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  • Sir, do you know why smallpox isn't killing thousands of people on a yearly basis?

    I do. It's because we vaccinated the entire world against smallpox, until there were no more known cases of smallpox left. We beat a disease that was once one of the great killers of history, because of vaccines.

    Do you know why it's rare to see a polio victim in a wheelchair these days?

    It's because we vaccinated everyone in North America against polio, such that the disease died out here, and the only places where the disease hasn't died out are places where it's too dangerous to send medical workers to vaccinate people. We cut the total number of polio cases in the world down to 42 last year, and we did it because of vaccines.

    We don't vaccinate because we enjoy getting pinched by a needle--we vaccinate because it saves lives. And it's not a violation of human rights if you choose to get yourself vaccinated. It would be a violation of human rights to withhold vaccines from people, and allow them to die from entirely preventable diseases.

    • bro science.

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    • Obviously some vaccines are new and haven't been thoroughly tested yet. That doesn't mean that all vaccines are bad; each vaccine is an individual case. I myself stick with the tried and tested. Some vaccines are half a century old, without any negative side-effects.

      You're obviously not here for a discussion, so I see no reason to further discuss this matter with you.

    • @Canuck37
      Adam and Eve nor Jesus were vaccinated and they were very healthy.

      Did you even read both websites and watch all 3 videos?

  • Wtf, dude you are the greatest idiot in the cosmos right now or you are the ACE in the trinity of idiots,
    1) Skin never filters the toxins idiot, liver filters the toxins through its Phase 1 and Phase 2 reactions and kidney, digestive system,, ear wax, liver bile and sebum excrete the deactivated toxin.
    2) The Mucus membrane only produce the mucus but mucus have the IgA antibodies whose conc can be enhanced by the Vaccination.
    3) Tonsils is an lymphoid tissue which have M sites that detect the antigen and signal the T-Helper cells, which activates B cells which produce antibodies and Polio don't spread by the Respiratory route it spreads by oral-fecal route and saliva has IgA antibodies (Vaccine dependent) idiot (not some substance)
    4) only liver can metabolize the fat and allow it to deposit in the body by its lipolysis cycle and they never ever produce immunity idiot and Vitamins never ever produce immunity.
    5) Thymes never produce T cells, they only mature in the thymus for staters and the B cells produce the antibodies and I think on mars T cells produce antibodies but not possible on Earth.
    6) Lymph NODES filter lymph against the microbes and it have absolutely nothing to do with the Toxins IDIOT only liver can deal with them and kidney excrete them idiot.
    7) Pituitary gland is not the FUCKING Master Gland and it have absolutely wait Absolutely nothing ever in cosmos to with the Immune system at all. Hypothalmus is the master gland and NO FUCKING GLAND SEND ELECTRIC IMPULSES TO communicate idiot,
    Endocrine system (Glands)=Chemical messengers=Hormones
    Nervous System=Electric impulses or the ACTION POTENTIAL with neurotransmitters, learn the D/F first

    and We can very easily detect what gave the immunity against disease by the Immunological testing like ELISA or RBT, if the antibodies against disease is present then Vaccine has done its Job cuz it only produces vaccines and memory cells.

    In Past disease like small pox, Black death or plaque kills millions of people, AIDS, Polio and Rinderpest are un treatable disease but now small pox can't kill us and is eradicated from earth by vaccination.

    Vaccine activates your immune system by forcing to recognize the antigen physical properties and producing antibodies against it and by activating complement system, once antibodies are produced they remain in blood till original microbe arrives and its immediately killed by already present antibodies.

    • I am very happy idiot like exist in the planet earth and thinks that just by reading few idiot websites, I am better than every PHD out there and I know the best but in reality YOu are greatest idiot,

      Vaccination is like Fucking LAW cuz it is experimented and proved MILLIONS of times and we have detected it by Immunological testing like ELISA wait I will tell you, How the test works,
      1) We take fresh blood of vaccinated person and take fresh sample of microbes that cause disease.
      2) We spread the blood on microbes and wait for 1 hour and then if the agglutination occurs or the microscopic structure of microbe is altered then its confirmed dead.

      Vaccination has worked through the entire ages like 140 years of continues testing but still you are here total troll.
      NObody become Doctor by reading few websites (which are not NCBI or any other trusted one) so its lie in the first place and NO body can ever understand the Complex biology by reading few books but in order to understand books

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    • @AlphaGhost
      You have to message me first because I'm level 1.

    • I checked your website and trust me I found what I am looking for,
      PHD's getting stripped of their right to practice and you site is working to make vaccines not mandatory not totally against it and like I mention,
      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts
      and its proven again and again that vaccination saves lives but some contain heavy metals and they should be improved to safe ones not remove them.

  • Not even worth reading. Total horseshit.

    Vaccines work. Period.

    • No they don't. You don't want to read it because you're a fool who will be schooled. Vaccines kill. You're just an agent of Satan to think you need a dependency of toxins to be healthy instead of taking good of your immune system.

      Healthy people don't need vaccines.

    • Show All
    • @Redstang88
      Says you who doesn't know what it is like having true peace in your life: the peace of Jesus will allow you to love the man who molested your 5 year old daughter, love the man who murdered your momma, love the woman who spat in your face and love the man who punched your sister. that's real love and only Jesus can provide that love.

    • If that's your definition of true peace I want no part of it.

  • I completely disagree with this. Vaccinations are getting a bad rap based on the overwhelming minority of questionable "scientific" studies. Vaccinations saves lives. Please keep your kids away from my kids... and the rest of my family if you refuse to get them. You are a public health hazard.

    • II bet you didn't read both websites and watch all 3 videos. If not, then you have no right to comment.

      My kids would definitely be healthier than your kids. So it should be keep your kids away from my kids.

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    • So, everybody supposed to wait until that sweet spot when you "get lucky at the right time"? Seriously? Not gonna take the risk. I ask you again, are you willing to put your kids in a situation of probable exposure... and just be okay because you believe that their immune system is healthy enough?

    • The sad thing is you believe vaccines is a perfect system. It's not. Just like social security is a form of slavery.

      Vaccines are only needed in emergency situations like drugs are only needed in a life or death car crash. People rely too much on vaccines as if it is a guarantee to prevent. It is not. Vaccinated people still die. Therefore, it's not perfect. Circumcised boys die. Antibiotic users die. All of these are equal in the fact that there is not 100% effectiveness in them.

  • So the fact that there have been ZERO cases of polio since the vaccine was introduced is pure coincidence?

    People can do what they want with their own health, but those that refuse to vaccinate kids should be shot.

    • You should be shot for wanting to force vaccines on people.

      The evidence was overwhelming. Did you even read the entire articles?

      It's speculation. You can't prove that if people didn't get polio vaccines that they would have received polio.

    • Other than the fact that polio has been completely eliminated since the vaccine was introduced is not proof enough. Is there a minute possibility it is some absurd coincidence? Possibly, but come on, weigh the odds.
      And that's just one disease of the many that can be prevented. I cannot believe anyone tries to dispute the mountains of evidence vaccines work.
      Didn't read the articles, not going to. I have seen the effects of polio.

      NOBODY should EVER have to endure that if it can be prevented, and it can be.

    • Vaccines has proven to kill people. It is not 00% safe. You're risking your health by receiving vaccines.

      If you didn't read the entire articles and watch the entire videos, then you have no right to comment your take until then.

  • 2|5
    • Of course you'd be against it. You hate God.

      Also, did you read both websites and watch all 3 videos?

    • I don't hate God. I've never even met him

    • LettuceSEEK Isn't active anymore. Country: Ukraine
      Vacuum-Rats Isn't active anymore. Country: Romania

      Two trolls

  • Websites written by bloggers and internet trolls do not replace science.

    For example, the first sentence you wrote is WRONG. Vaccines are not weakened versions of the virus. A virus is not even alive. It is a strand of genetic material wrapped in a protein. The genetic material is what allows a virus to replicate, while the protein is what triggers the body's immune system.

    A vaccine is essentially the virus MINUS the genetic material. Therefore, your body will produce antibodies against the protein, but the vaccine has zero potential to cause the disease it is protecting you against.

    Another example of people perpetuating ignorance is @danceislife080 who responded below with a site talking about vaccines and autism. Andrew Wakefield was the original scientist who proposed this link in 1998. However, over 20 similar studies from across the globe failed to reproduce his study results. It was later found that Dr. Wakefield falsified his data, and his conclusions were fake... because he had a conflict of interest in which he would gain financially from his investments in pharmaceutical firms.

    All of Dr. Wakefield's research publications were rescinded by all journals that ever published his works and he was labelled a fraud and he was sued multiple times for his fraud. However, there is no end to the number of stupid people on this planet, as demonstrated by @danceislife080 who continue to ignore the science, 20 years after this fake study was debunked.

    • The generality of your take also suggests you have no education in the sciences.

      For example, you said that "All vaccines are toxic. So to get vaccinated is to purposely put toxins in your body". Firstly, if vaccines are all toxic, what exactly is the toxic agent? The chemical that is toxic obviously has a name, so please name it.

      The viral protein component of the vaccine is not toxic. It is simply PROTEIN, which is a chain of amino acids folded into a particular shape. This is no different than the protein in an apple or a piece of meat. Vaccines expose one to protein, just as you are exposed to proteins every time you eat something.

    • You also mention that some vaccine recipients get a reaction to it which is fatal. This is true. In less than 0.1% of vaccine recipients, they get an allergic reaction (swelling, itchiness) and in 0.0001% of recipients, it can be fatal.

      The question is, if you are a health administrator or the Health Minister for your country, do you really think its in the best interest to reject vaccines to protect the <0.0001% that may die from it, when the alternative is that 5% of people die from the actual disease that you refuse to protect them from?

      To put it this way, there are 300 million people in the US. If there was an epidemic of rabies because it can suddenly be transferred by mosquitoes and flies (which has a 99.9% fatality rate without vaccination), would you condemn 100 million Americans to death because you want to protect the 100 people that could die from the vaccine? That is pure stupidity.

      Not to mention that each new case of the disease is another vector to spread it again

  • It's one thing to allow such bullshit as Flat Earthers on this website, but THIS shit will kill people. This anti vax bullshit will kill people.

    This article should be removed. Period.

    • I second this

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    • Remove this article, its a danger to society.

    • @Soteris @admins indeed #admins remove this BS please!

  • The only reason someone like you has the luxury to forgo vaccinations is because the rest of us are responsible enough to vaccinate ourselves and our children.

    • Mmmmm hmmmm

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    • If you look at the ingredients of vaccines you'll find that they have mercury, and they have aluminum and the vaccines are polluted with other kinds of viruses and the vaccines are grown, sometimes on human tissue. So these are vaccines that have elements that are neurotoxic and then of course they have other elements that can set up autoimmune reactions. So those are the kinds of things that we're seeing in the children; we are seeing autoimmune reactions.

    • Haha, the replies here are great. Thank you.

  • 1|7
    • >"Because you are stupid."

      love you too, sweetheart <3

      >"Real people learn how to take care of their immune system and don't need drugs."

      you're right, everyone else who doesn't is fictional and doesn't exist.

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    • @howzit2015
      That's why I eat Ezekiel bread and foods free of GMOs.

      "It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we vanquished smallpox with vaccines when only 10% of the population were ever vaccinated." Dr. Glen Dettman, AMM, BA, PhD, & Archie Kalokerinos, MD, 1986. (p. 36) In the late 1960's and 1970s, Dr. Kalokerinos and Dr. Dettman discovered that some 500 out of every 1,000 Aboriginal children were dying in the Northern Territories. The cause was a type of toxic shock reaction, complicated by vitamin C deficiency, often brought on by immunisation. In a two-year period without vaccination and with improved nutrition not one child died. (p.43).

    • Just report this LettuceSEEK freak for having duplicate accounts since his Rat account was deleted, and he claims to have more...

  • I don't know of one person where I live that had issues because of vaccinations. Vaccinations prevent stuff like polio, chicken pox , yellow fever etc. Its obvious that some people might have a negative reaction , but they are less than 0.001%.

    • Still isn't 100% effective. So if I'd say vaccines aren't 100% effective, you'd agree? But saying they are not necessary, you disagree?

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    • Vaccinations are demonic by nature. It is getting people to trust in science over God. But it doesn't surprise me that 85% would disagree. There is also more people who like Heavy Metal music than Gospel music too.

    • No. You need a life. Why do I need a life?

      Jordan Rubin doesn't vaccinate his kids and they're healthier than kids who are vaccinated. He teaches them how to eat whole foods and how to better build their immune system.

  • Jesus Christ dude!!! ( No pun intended)
    This is the sort of anti scientific bullshit I am talking about...
    Please read a book (Preferably not the Bible)
    This information has no basis in reality... Its a conspiracy theory on the level of flat-earthers...
    And by spreading this false information you are actually hurting children whose parent's might take this crap seriously... Believe in your biblical fairy tales all you want, that doesn't hurt people, but this shit does... To everyone else... This information is false and the laughing stalk of the scientific community... No serious doctor believes you shouldn't get vaccinated... It's religious propaganda!

    • No I'm not. If people learned how to build a healthy immune system, they wouldn't need vaccines.

      Didn't you read the whole articles and watch the entire videos?

      Science stuff is also propaganda like abiogenesis.

    • Yes and it has no basis in reality!
      Honestly do you actually believe that all the doctors in the world are being paid to lie to people?
      I give it 6 months before you join the flatearthers and believe the earth is flat... At least their conspiracy theory is somewhat harmless. People don't die from believing the earth is flat.

    • People don't die from believing the earth is round either. I can make just as much fun of you for believing in a round earth as you make fun of me for a flat earth.

      Unless you read the entire articles and watched all 3 videos, then you can't really comment.

  • I assume you have no vaccinations yourself? Try going to a region where vaccines aren't prevalent and see how well you do after a few months.

    • I'll do very well because I have a very strong immune system. I don't get sick at all.

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    • Your odds of resisting the disease go up astronomically. Unless you're a hermit who doesn't come in contact with humans, vaccines are important.

    • @StickStickity13
      You've been lied to. If you knew that vaccines are loaded with mercury and aluminum that are neuro-toxins that damages the brain, you'd know they are dangerous. The Association of Doctors have declared vaccines are not needed. Our body were created to be taken care of by food, not by drugs.

  • This is fantastic. What a great question to ask. So, I will attempt to offer a drunken opinion that will likely have nothing but backlash, ranting, and misunderstanding. Additionally, my stance is going to be considered dark, nihilistic, and downright sad due to the absolute ignorance of the average self absorbed human being. Low IQ reactionary insanity. We see it on the daily.

    Here it goes.

    Firstly, we humans think we are the end all be all species on this planet. That we must thrive and survive over all things sentient/biologically living. Therefore, no matter what measures we take to achieve this goal (which essentially is the same "mentality" of every epidemic that defeats us) is the best of the best, and should never be questioned.

    I say, you are a cut above the rest for questioning vaccinations in general. Of course, our reasons may be different, it is important all the same. In my opinion, nonconformist are more often than not more intelligent than the average sheeple.

    My take. Eventually some parasitic or viral organism will win. Or the sun will get so damn hot we are done. But, more likely? When does a parasite go dormant? Well, in many instances it is when there is no host to suck the life out of.

    We will continue to protect our "precious lives" and avoid death at all cost, and this might very be our own destruction. Just like the parasite/virus/disease that fades after there is nothing left to infect, we humans will promote and protect our own kind to the point of absolute destruction of our host (earth).

    Call me far out, call me a theorist, call me the fuck whatever you want to. I don't know anymore than you. But this shit is worth thinking about.

    "Growth for the sake of growth is the same ideology of the cancer cell" --Edward Abbey

    What's the point?

    Well, simply put... maybe vaccines are useful, maybe they are not. "Science" says that they are beneficial (possibly behind the guise of the pharmaceutical companies that are getting filthy rich off the advertising and advocating of "necessary" vaccines), I'm not completely sure we know the whole truth. ?

    But one thing I feel confident in, is that we, as in the future of the human organism, may benefit from allowing the "immune system" of our environment to do its job by checking our rapid cancerous population.

    Are we as a whole willing to vaccinate ourselves from destroying the host that sustains us. That being, allowing death?

    Have fun, and let the absurd shit talking begin.

  • people need to be aware of what they put in their bodies'. people should be aware of what is in vaccines and smart about getting them administered. but you can't deny the reduction in diseases (and near elimination of some) that came in hand with the introduction of certain vaccines.

    just the simple fact of the number of people who benefit compared to the number of people who suffer is enough to see that there is merits in getting vaccinated

    • 1 child suffering is too many. If vaccines kills 1 person, it's too many.

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    • @jacquesvol unfortunately it is. I've encountered a few nutjobs like that. Meningitis doesn't care about happy thoughts and what a fraudster doctor says

    • it's been said but 1 child dying from a vaccine is no reason to undo years of disease and illness reduction. 1 child may die but millions if not billions have been saved. that isn't to say 1 death isn't reason to question a vaccine but it is certainly no reason to not vaccinate.

  • I hope this is a joke. If people really are this stupid I have no hope for humanity.

    • Of course the woman whose son almost was killed didn't think it was a joke when she had him vaccinated.

      Did you even read the material in both websites and watch all 3 videos or did you already have a predetermined thought?

      Of course you're for vaccines. You're a so called 'atheist'. You can't name 1 'atheist' who is against vaccines.

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    • @LettuceSEEK I think you're a common troll because this is my only account and I've been here for 2 years.

    • @John_Doesnt
      Unless somebody hacks your account, then you'll come back.

  • Do you even have a smallpox vaccination scar? Before vaccinations killed off the disease, three in ten people who contracted it died in a couple of weeks.

    • @goaded
      That's a lie.
      "It is pathetic and ludicrous to say we vanquished smallpox with vaccines when only 10% of the population were ever vaccinated." Dr. Glen Dettman, AMM, BA, PhD, & Archie Kalokerinos, MD, 1986. (p. 36) In the late 1960's and 1970s, Dr. Kalokerinos and Dr. Dettman discovered that some 500 out of every 1,000 Aboriginal children were dying in the Northern Territories. The cause was a type of toxic shock reaction, complicated by vitamin C deficiency, often brought on by immunisation. In a two-year period without vaccination and with improved nutrition not one child died. (p.43).

      Less than 10% of the population were even vaccinated then and those that died was because they were past help anyways. Vaccinations doesn't prevent or cure the way you think it does. It may make you less susceptible to get it but never a guarantee you won't get it.

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    • @LettuceSEEK I didn't see you calling me a bitch. In what way were you banned?

    • @LettuceSEEK troll

  • Most people are alive today thanks to vacination. When you consider the great plague, black death, justinians plague and others that wiped out sometimes as much as half the population of continents you see why vacination is important. We talk about deaths through Wars yet after ww1 Spanish flu killed more people than the entire conflict. More natives in the Americas died of diseases brought from Europe than were killed be the conquistadors or US army.
    When's the last time you saw or heard of anyone dying of smallpox, leprosy, malaria, rickets, polio, influenza, Rubella, Rabies, scarlet fever, tuberculosis, whooping cough, German measles, mumps, tetanus, diarrhoea etc all of which were common killers of children rich or poor in the days before vaccination, old grave yards are full of children who died before reaching adulthood due too diseases often with their brothers and sisters.
    If don't believe vaccination works go to a country where people are not vaccinated and see for yourself the death toll, though you should probably get vaccinated first.
    Vaccination works, the proof is all around us.

  • 1. The gov't is setting up booths at a grocery store and promoting that they will give you vaccinations next to the meat department

    2. doctors fighting to earn commission for each successful vaccination

    3. Doctors make you feel guilty for vaccinations for basic flu which cure within a few days. It's a little odd. The motivation is for the flu...

    4. My friend has two twins and when they were 9 they both got vaccinated for that basic flu. The next day one turned autistic and a week later the other was confirmed to be autistic.

    Ever since the beginning of time the gov't cared about absolutely nothing except profit. In the past 20yrs the gov't has promoted mental disorders and describing more. Today if you are a little bit of a hyper kid or can't pay attention doctors will pump you full of drugs and lab rat you until one of them doesn't make the kid sick. Currently this is the wave of medication. So many doctors are just drug dealers.

    If anyone wants to trust the gov't with a flu shot then go ahead and be my guest. What I do is cut a lime into a slice and put that in my supper once a week and I may get the flu once every few years.
    And if I get the flu... it's not going to kill me.

  • Do it bother anyone else that this mans vote has the same value or worth as you or I?

    • does it*

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    • samhradh_leannan
      You don't care that MlleCake called me a moron tho, eh?

    • There are a LOT of people in that category. But I don't vote, and I WANT to see this sick society spiral facefirst into the ground, so them voting doesn't bother me. It's amusing to watch the antics ever couple years.

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